Mens Swiss Army Watches

Mens Swiss Army Watches

Looking for new Mens Swiss Army Watches? Want to know about men’s chronograph and jewelry Swiss Army Watches? Our guide to the Mens Swiss Army Watch range gives you the facts & information you want to know.

What the Swiss Armed Force Personnel carry in their backpack, hooked to their belts or on their person is really astonishing. The famous and widely known Swiss Army Knife, now supplied by Victorinox, is one standard piece of equipment that almost everyone is aware of. Yet another typical one is the men’s Swiss Army Watch. A wide range of products now bear the “Swiss Army” name affixed on to them.

Mens Swiss Army Watch Models

As far as Swiss Army watches are concerned, whether they be the Victorinox or the Wenger make, they come in a variety of sizes, cases, types, features, the kind of bracelet used and the dial color. Whatsoever be the brand, each of these watches carry the quintessence of the Swiss Horologic legacy. Each one of these watches is made in Switzerland with precision Swiss Movements. The design of these watches reflect the classic and ancient values of Switzerland, their craftsmanship and technical skills and their closeness to nature.

Classified in general they fall into three broad categories – the Classic, the Professional and the Pocket/Travel. Each category has a substantial selection of watches belonging to them. Each one is as adorable as the other and as desirable. Temptation comes in different guises and a men’s Swiss Army watch is one.

Mens Swiss Army Chronograph Watch

The size determines whether it is a men’s or a women’s watch. The extra large and the large belonging to the men and the small to the women. The mechanism is housed either in a round case or a rectangular one. The movements being either automatic, manual or analog quartz. Some watches feature the chrono and the others the dual time.

Mens Swiss Army Watch Straps

A wide selection of bracelets are available each vying with the other for attention. They are made from steel, leather, rubber, titanium, croco or PVD. Not to be outdone, the range of dial colors will leave you in a perplexed state of mind; it is not just that easy to choose one. The watches come in nine different colors, besides the normal white, black and silver, the others are beige, black, cream, orange, pink and red.

Some of these Swiss Army watches, like the New Chrono Pro, are water resistant to a maximum depth of about 300′ and sport luminous hands and hour markers, facilitating night viewing. The range and other features specific to each watch are too numerous to be enumerated and have to be seen to be believed.

Nevertheless, a men’s Swiss Army watch, when worn will definitely make heads turn, though in all likelihood would have left a hole in your wallet.

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