Swiss Army Cologne

One of the most popular men’s colognes is Swiss Army Cologne for men. This cologne bears the emblem made famous by the makers of Swiss Army knives (Victorinox). Swiss Army cologne is popular for its’ masculine smell which combines citrus and wood

The art of  cologne making began in ancient Mesopotamia around the second millennium BC.  Archeologists have discovered what is believed to be the oldest perfume factory ever found in some ruins in Cyprus.  This 4,000 year old factory contains mixing bowls, spices, herbs, distills and bottles. Cologne may have had its’ introduction to European society under the command of Queen Elizabeth.  She loved the smell of roses and commissioned a special mixture of rose buds and alcohol be made especially for her.  Soon, all of Europe fell in love with the smell of perfumes.  The country of France was quick to jump into the perfume industry by growing the flowers and herbs needed for its’ manufacture. Today, most perfumes contain a mixture of flower oils. Swiss Army Cologne has a combination more closely to that of the ancient Mesopotamia; using oils from plant leaves, bark, and “woodsy” herbs.

Swiss Army Cologne Brand

The Victorinox Company is known for quality products made with world class design features.  The company originally became famous for Swiss Army Knives (a tool with a wide variety of uses).   This handy tool won acclaim, not just for the many ways it can be used, but for it’s’ design features. So well made is the Swiss Army knife that it has been on display in the Museum of Modern Art. The maker cashed in on this success and started making a wide variety of Swiss Army products including Swiss Army backpacks, accessories and clothing. The company entered the fragrance market in 1998 with the launch of Swiss Army Cologne.

Swiss Army Womens Cologne

Swiss Army Cologne has won rave reviews. Men say it makes them feel healthy and clean. They state that they like the natural scent; which they describe as being bold but not over bearing. Women have also fallen in love with the scent and a new women’s line has been introduced.  Both men and women can buy Swiss Army Cologne in body washes, sprays, and deodorants.  Men can buy the scent in an aftershave form.  The Swiss Army Cologne for Women version is available in body lotion. The line of Swiss Army Cologne items are priced from the moderate to high end but many outlets and discount stores carry the product at lesser prices.

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