Swiss Army Commando Watch

Looking for a Second hand Swiss army Commando watch? Perhaps you want to know about the features of the Swiss Army Commando Watch. Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Swiss army commando watch for men comes in various styles, made from a range of diverse materials. The most popular is the standard commando Swiss army watch. Designs of this Swiss army watch vary from the straightforward analog dial face with  leather straps, to the exclusive limited edition Commando Chrono Nightforce watch.

This specific type of Swiss army commando watch comes with a tough yet classy and attractive stainless steel strap. There are three large buttons sticking out from one side of the watch, several dials and a display for showing the date. Swiss army commando watch enthusiasts often are willing to pay up to US$280 to own the object of their desire.

Swiss Army commando Watch Makers

One of the main makers of the Swiss army commando watch is the famous Wenger Company. The Wenger Company is one of only two in the whole world that are licensed to produce goods under the brand name of Swiss army. In addition to making fine quality Swiss commando watches Wenger has a long history of making Swiss army knives. Although Wenger have only been producing Swiss army commando watches since 203, they have a long and proud history of producing Swiss army knives that goes back over one hundred years. Such pedigree inspires customers and retailers alike with a confidence in the quality of the Swiss army watch.

Swiss army commando watches are acknowledged for their durability and practicality as well as their style because they are expressly designed to meet the utmost military standards. Some characteristics of the Swiss army commando watch that make it appealing are the clean lines, clearly readable numbers, and luminous hands.

Other Swiss Army Watches

In addition to the famous Swiss army commando watch, there are several other types of watch that come under the umbrella brand name of ‘Swiss Army’. These watches come in four categories: Classic, Field, Air, Sea. This successfully covers the whole military range, and there are specially made models for each line. Most Swiss army watches cost in the range of $120 to $200, although certain special edition models can cost  well over $1000.

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