Things to do in Basel

Are you visiting Basel on business or for a holiday? Our guide on activities and sightseeing attractions in Basel gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Basel is a major city in Switzerland situated in the North East of the country. The town of Basel is split in two by the Rhine River. Basel lies only 3km from the Swiss-German border, and only 2km from the border with France. Basel is home to Switzerland’s main river port which handles most of the imports and exports of Switzerland. Like Switzerland in general, Basel is a well-off city because of the presence of its long standing financial institutions. Basel is home to many of Switzerland’s most well established banks as well as several international pharmaceutical companies. Basel in Switzerland also has a rich cultural heritage, playing host to the likes of philosophers such as Nietzsche and Erasmus, both of whom lived and worked in Basel.

Guided tours of Basel

If you are keen to take on a lot of historical information about Basel while seeing it first hand, then a guided tour of Basel is a good idea.  The Swiss tourist information office in Basel organise guided walking tours of the city in which a local Swiss guide can explain the history of Basel while you walk through the city. If you want a bit more freedom then you can take an unguided walking tour of Basel; just pick up a leaflet and map from the local Swiss tourist office in Basel. For those wanting to get in some exercise while exploring the city, the tourist office also offers maps of suggested cycling tours of Basel.

The Munster in Basel

The Munster is one of the main tourist attractions in Basel. The Munster is a 13th century cathedral that is now open to the public for touring. Inside the Cathedral one can see many interesting statues and religiously themed exhibits; however, one of the highlights of the Munster in Basel is the tomb of the famous European philosopher Erasmus, who lived and died in Basel.

The paper mill in Basel

The paper mill in Basel is a traditional paper mill that has been converted into a public exhibit where guests can see the whole process of paper production from start to finish. In addition, the paper mill in Basel offers displays of traditional printing presses and book-binding techniques that were used in previous centuries in Switzerland.

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