Buddhist temples in Ayuthaya Thailand

Are you going on holiday to Thailand? If you’re interested in Thai history and religion you should take a trip to the temples of Ayuthaya. Here we’ve highlighted the best temples in Ayuthaya.

Mahathat Temple in Ayuthaya

This temple is located in the middle of the old city of Ayuthaya. It was built in 1384 and among its highlights are the famous Buddha head in the tree trunk as well as rows of headless Buddha statues.

Ratachaburama Temple in Ayuthaya

This temple was built in 1424 and among its noteworthy artistic merits are beautiful murals of different scenes.

Na Phra Mane Temple in Ayuthaya

This Buddhist temple in Ayuthaya contains a black stone Buddha statue dating back to the Dvaravati period. The vaulted ceiling is supported by pineapple shaped columns.

Yai Chai Mongkon Temple in Ayuthaya

This temple in Ayuthaya was founded in 1357 as a centre for Buddhist monks returning from training in Sri Lanka. The big pagoda there celebrates the defeat of Burmese troops at the battle of Suphanburi in 1592.

Phra Sri Samphat Temple in Ayuthaya

This Buddhist temple was built in 1448 to serve as the King’s private chapel.  Located just south of the Grand Palace, this temple has a 17 metre bronze statue of a standing Budha. There are also three interesting Sri Lankan style Chedis that were built in the 15th century.

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