Chinese New Year for Kids

Wonder what its like for the kids during the Chinese New Year celebrations? Find out how the kids get the best of the season.

Although the Chinese New Year is a time when men, women and children of all ages go all out in terms of enjoying themselves by engaging in all sorts of traditional activities it is the youngest lot that gets to reap the maximum benefits.

After all there are some benefits of being young. First of all you are free from all the responsibility when it comes to arranging, managing and taking care of things. This doesn’t mean that the kids don’t help around the house during the season but it is true that the elders take it real easy on the kids during the Chinese New Year season and let them enjoy to the maximum.

For the Chinese kids the New Year events promise a lot of fun and games but additionally it becomes an educative process for them as well. This is because the New Year is a time when all sorts of historic traditions are brought back to life hence the kids get to learn about the history and origin of their very own culture.

Such an educative process that allows them to have fun while they are being educated serves great benefits in terms of teaching them a history lesson that they will never forget or dread all their lives. Rather New Year celebrations for kids are amongst the most memorable things that the youngsters will never forget all their lives.

The Fun Games and the Learning

The rich cultural heritage of China comes across in a series of activities that are conducted during this time of the year. The true flavor of China is presented to the kids in a manner that they can absorb. New Year’s eve is a time when bed time curfews are removed and the children are allowed to stay up late and engage in all sorts of games.

The various games that are set up for the night revolve around historic traditions of the country hence serving as a lesson in history while providing them with entertainment. Creating patterns with dominoes is one of the major activities for kids who get to learn about the origins of the sport which are from China and date back to a thousand years ago.

Another ancient tradition for kids to engage in is the 8th century invention of playing cards. These are usually drawn up by parents who then instruct their children to write a story based on the visual on the card. The ancient jianzi is another game that brings them closer to the Chinese culture. This game is quite like the modern day hacky sack game that children play.

The customary practice of Hong Bao which is the red envelope received by children from their elders. The red envelope contains money which is meant to bring them good luck. Of course the kids love this ancient Chinese tradition which finances their holiday treats.

The kids also get to enjoy the general parades like the lantern festival as well as the dragon dance that takes place a few days into the New Year. On the whole the festive season is a time of great fun and learning for children.

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