Jungle Trekking in Northern Thailand

Jungle Trekking in Thailand

Are you going on holiday to Northern Thailand? There’s a good chance you’ll want to do some jungle trekking in which case you should read our tips and information on jungle trekking and tours in northern Thailand.

There are literally dozens of jungle trekking companies based in Chiang Mai and some other towns and cities in the north of Thailand who are vying for your business. There is a great deal of flexibility in the jungle trekking tours offered, both in terms of length and difficulty of terrain covered.

Generally a jungle trekking group can consist of anywhere between 4-10 people. It is possible if there are a few friends who want to go jungle trekking around the hills of northern Thailand together to hire a private guide and go trekking as a private group although this costs more.

How long do jungle trekking trips around Chiang Mai last?

A jungle trekking trip can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. For those who just want to spend a short time walking around the hills of Chiang Mai there are one day treks available. These jungle treks are a good idea if you’re not particularly fit or interested in roughing it in the wild overnight.

For the more adventurous there are many jungle treks that incorporate other activities such as elephant trekking and white water rafting. Many jungle trekking trips involve stop offs at small villages in the mountains inhabited by the hill tribe people of northern Thailand. If you’re a culture buff this is a fascinating experience not to be missed.

Who leads the jungle trekking tour in the hills of Thailand?

Going jungle trekking in Thailand alone is not advised. All but the most experience wilderness survivalists should go trekking with a local guide. All jungle trekking companies have tour guides who are at least native Thais if not native to the specific area where the trekking takes place.

They are required to complete a month course at the University of Chiang Mai before leading any treks. Jungle trekking guides speak god English and can help explain how to interact with the hill tribe people you come into contact with.

Accommodation & food on jungle trekking tours of Thailand

Accommodation and food offered on jungle trekking trips is basic. At best you’ll be sleeping on a straw mat in a hut and have a blanket to cover you. Food generally consists of rice, fish and fruits.

When is the best time for jungle trekking in Thailand?

The best jungle trekking experiences can be had outside of rainy season which lasts from June to October. Although jungle trekking can still be done during rainy season many find the constant wetness too much to bear.

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