Sightseeing in Bangkok

Are you going on holiday to Bangkok? Check out the Bangkok sightseeing opportunities highlighted below.

As the capital city of the most visited country in South East Asia Bangkok has a great deal of sightseeing opportunities. Although Bangkok has only recently become the capital of Thailand in the previous hundred years or so, it is nevertheless a sprawling city of millions with sightseeing destinations of historical, cultural and religious significance.

Grand Palace in Bangkok

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is home to the Thai royal family who are greatly revered by Thai people.  Built in the 1780’s after the Capital of Thailand was moved to Bangkok due to various wars with the Burmese, the Grand Palace boasts an interesting mixture of both western and eastern elements in its architecture. Because of it’s royal status, visitors are expected to respect a dress code of modesty which means trousers or long skirts. Aside from the grandiose architecture and decorations there are several interesting displays pertaining to the Thai royal family including ceremonial costumes, various art pieces as well as an exhibition of old weapons. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is open daily at 8.30am and closes at 3.30pm. If possible try to get here when it opens as the Grand Palace can get really busy with busloads of tourists later on in the day.

Royal Barges in Bangkok

Up until the first part of the 20th Century the primary means of transport in Bangkok were the waterways that connected the city. Although the waterways in Bangkok are considerably less important to the city today, one interesting remnant of bygone times are the Royal Barges that are docked and open for public viewing. These barges are in fact still used by the Thai royal family on special occasions and official ceremonies; however, for the most part they are kept docked for public viewing in a museum.  The Royal barges are over 40 metres in length and decorated elaborately in red and gold with mythical creatures carved in wood at the bow and stern. Entrance to this museum is only 30 Baht which is located in Thonburi.

Suan Pakkard Palace in Bangkok

This palace, which in Thai means ‘palace of the lettuce garden’, was originally built as a home for a 19th century princess from the Thai royal family.  Among the highlights of a visit to this palace is a chance to see the superbly landscaped gardens built behind high walls designed to keep out the noise of the Bangkok streets. There is also an interesting pottery and jewelry exhibition uncovered from an archeological dig in the north of Thailand during the 1960’s.

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