Pier 55 Long Beach California

Visiting Pier 55 in Long Beach California? Learn more about the excellent fishing opportunities at the Californian Pier 55 in Long Beach…

Pier 55 in Long Beach California is the perfect start for Long Beach sports fishing. There is a complete variety of fishing boats that are managed by a very experienced group. The entire Southern California saltwater area is open for fishing for both professional and amateur fishermen.

You can have private charters for friends and family or corporate events that make the perfect occasion for anglers. It’s possible to get dive boats and individual charters.

Popularity of Pier 55 Long Beach California

Pier 55 is popular in Southern California, especially Long Beach, for its amazing fishing opportunities. Most of the private parties for fishing trips are organized from this area.

The main reason for the popularity of Pier 55 Long Beach California is that it has a very high fish count. There is an amazing population of different high-quality fish. There is an independent berth fish market in Pier 55 that has very amazing reviews. Fish like the sculpin, halibut, and sole and sand bass are very frequently found in these locations.
The location is famous for excursions that embark on whale watching trips. You can even take off for scuba diving lessons from the spot. There are also different chartered dive boats that help you enjoy the place. The famous dive boats include the Great Escape, the Bottom Scratcher and the Cee Ray, which are popular with divers and have a very flexible schedule.

The pier is loaded with shops and fishing boats as well as a pristine beach. Why not live on top of a scuba diving boat and escape the hustle and bustle of the cities just by lounging in the water off shore? Pier 55 is actually popular with anglers, scuba divers and those who love seafood. This makes it a very active and well equipped area of the city.

It is possible to get your group booked for a charter. The boats are large and small, catering to amateurs, experienced and professional fisherman. You can have a full day on the large charter boats, or you can get half day cruises. The boats can seat from 9 – 30 passengers on a cruise. It is still not a packed cruise boat and you have a large sundeck and indoor galley. The experienced crew and captain make the strong fishing experience a wonderful one.

Seafood and Deli Restaurants on Pier 55

The Berth 55 provides open-air seating and is the unique seafood dele and fish market. You can even enjoy the food and the amazing indoor ambiance. The fresh and in season California seafood is prepared with a great deal of care and skill.

Berth 55 offers you the best opportunity to get deep fried seafood, food straight from the grill and combination platters. You can even buy something by the pound and get seafood side orders. The jumbo shrimp plate, jumbo scallop’s plate and fish taco plate are very popular. The fish include halibut, swordfish, sea bass, red snapper and salmon.

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