Thai Dancer Jewelry

Looking for a Thai dancer jewelry set? Want a genuine Lopburi encrusted Thai dancer jewelry costume? Our guide gives you the cultural information you want to know about Thai dancer jewelry.

I am sure anyone even faintly acquainted with the culture of Thailand has managed to notice the exquisite accessories of the Thai dancers which is very much part of Thailand’s culture. These dancers are not the kind that you would imagine to associate with the word dancing; rather this is an ancient form of art that has existed in Thailand for quite some time. Having its origin in ancient folkways and mores the Thai dancing tradition is looked upon as one of the major tourist attractions for globetrotters from throughout the world. To people from cultures alien to the Thai culture it may seem a bit unique and even awkward to witness this phenomenon that is one of Thailand’s trademark traditions. How often do we see Thai dancers on tourism pamphlets and airline advertisements? Thus proving the fact that this tradition is something by which Thailand is instantly identified.

Mass Produced Thai Dancer Jewelry

Unlike other dance performances where the main focus of attention is the bodily movement the most striking feature of Thai dancing is the costume and jewelry that accompanies it. To an unfamiliar eye it may well seem as if a theatrical performance is taking place by looking at the heavy laden costumes of the dancers. The general tradition requires the dancers to wear this costume jewelry with the national dress of Thailand. Traditionally this jewelry was only made out of gold and silver and other precious stones and to quite an extent they still are made the same way. But to make the jewelry much more widely usable even by those of a lower status and the children that are sometimes required to give performances in their schools the jewelry has been developed in other cheaper materials. No doubt this is considered as fake jewelry because the real thing is constructed out of real and valuable materials.

Types of Thai Dancer Jewelry

Thai dancer jewelry is an extremely complex piece of art. The most striking piece of jewelry is the headdress which is referred to as the ‘Chadaa’ in Thai. This piece of jewelry serves as the pinnacle of attraction for the onlooker. Making the Chadaa requires a great deal of talent and skilled workmanship. Along with which the maker must be acquainted with the traditional feel of the jewelry in order to get the right result. The material used to construct the base for these crowns is wood which the artisans carve out and craft them in a manner so as to act as the main structure. This is then further decorated with gold leaf and other ornaments like gems. The crowns often have a detailed artistry of mirror work which brings out the crown as a truly unique and remarkable piece of art.

Thai Dancer Jewelry Set

The crown is not the only jewelry that is used in the dancing performance. Rather there is a range of other accessories that are used that compliment the crown. These include a belt that is also one of the more visible features of the costume. Earrings, necklaces, arm bands, arm bracelets and the body chain that extends all the way from the shoulder down to the calf are some of the common accessories that come under Thai dancer jewelry.

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