Things to do in Turin

Are you going on holiday to Turin in Italy? Would you like to know about the main tourist attractions in Turin? Our guide to sightseeing in Turin gives you the facts and information you want to know.

The Mole Antonellina is the most striking piece of architecture in Turin and has come to symbolise the city to the extent that it is even features on an Italian coin. This marvellous piece of architecture in Turin was originally designed to be a synagogue for the Jewish community before disagreements between the architect and the leaders of Turin’s Jewish community led the project to be abandoned. When the Mole Antonelliana was finally completed by the architect of the same name, the structure stood at 167 metres and was capped with an aluminium spire. The height of the Mole Antonelliana makes it an imposing figure on the skyline of Turin easily visible from most of the surrounding parts of Turin. However, if you cant see it from where you happen to be in Turin and want to visit the Mole Antonelliana then head for Via Montebello

Piazzo Castello in Turin

The Piazza Castello is the main square located in the heart of the old city of Turin. This is a good place from which to embark on a walking tour of Turin, or just to come and relax and get a feel for the atmosphere of Turin while enjoying a drink at one of the many cafes located around the square. The main architectural influences of this square in Turin are 14th century baroque, although the historical and architectural highlight of the square is the old castle in the middle of the square which dates back to the 13th century.  This castle in Turin, after which the square is named, is well worth a visit in order to get an idea of the history of Turin as a city state.

Royal Palace in Turin

The Royal Palace used to be the residence of the noble family that ruled Turin during the middle ages. Today the palace is a major attraction for tourists in Turin partly because of the Royal Gardens that are situated at the back of the palace. These gardens are a great way to spend a relaxing hour or so and feature well kept flower beds which are open to the public to admire. The Royal Palace also houses a military museum which contains a wide variety of different weapons and armour from the middle ages in Europe.

Lingotto Fiere in Turin

This building, which used to be a Fiat car factory, has now been renovated into a trendy and upmarket exhibition centre in Turin. There is usually a steady flow of temporary art exhibitions that pass through this centre in Turin throughout the year.

Basilica Di Superga in Turin

This basilica in Turin was built to commemorate the defence of the city against a French siege and houses several tombs belonging to members of the ruling Savoy family of Turin.

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