Thai Silver Jewelry

Looking for wholesale Thai silver jewelry? Want to know where the silver wholesalers in Thailand are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Precious metals and beautiful gemstones are available predominantly in the northern part of Thailand and certainly attract the eyes of tourists. Thai silver jewelry is one of the most popular tourist buys and is available day and night at shops and markets around the country.

This wonderful attractive jewelry is considered one of Thailand’s most valuable sources of income for Thailand’s export business. In addition, the Bangkok precious gem industry is a serious revenue earner and is very well established.

If you are ever fortunate enough to travel to Thailand, you will find some beautiful jewelry which the country has in great abundance, the craft of gold came from Hindu settlers who came from eastern and southern India, bringing their gold and craftsmanship with them.

Modern Thai craftsman are diversifying into making modern gold and silver necklaces and rings and leaving the tradition behind, but the intricate work that is involved in making Thai silver jewelry is still admired.

Chiang Mai is famous for its quality silverware, the Hindu influence directed jewelry making in Thailand, but is confined to betel sets, bowls and trays. Silver is a good buy for tourists so the jewelry production is a rapidly expanding craft.
Seven hundred years ago Thai hand crafted jewelry was created for the first time with the rise of Chiang Mai craftsmen. This eventually mixed together with Hindu styles to produce beautiful decretive jewelry; this was also influenced by the Burmese with the fall of the Pagan Empire.

The Burmese refugees brought their arts and skills with them, and the style known as northern Thai silver was then created, gradually modified by the southward Thai migration.Thai northern jewelry should not be confused with nielloware that was introduced by the Portuguese; this is very different as it involves fusing a darker alloy to silver, creating a light and dark color when engraved in the metal.

Thailand is renowned for its precious and semiprecious stones, some of which are mined locally while others are imported. The very first gems that were used in the production of Thai jewelry were rubies.The use of sapphires and emeralds mixed with rubies came into fashion contributing to splendid works of jewelry, and between two hundred and six hundred years ago, the craft was embedded in swords, crowns and even clothing.

Slippers were studded with sparkling gems; gems were lavishly sown into the garments and gowns of the rich and royalty of that time. Moreover, even today they are still used beautifully in traditional wedding garments.

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