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The search for non medical therapies had led to the discovery and popularity of the ancient forms of Ayurvedic medicine known as Thai yoga bodywork. This is because most people would much rather prefer to avail non medical procedures rather then taking prescription medicines especially at the risk of developing side effects. It is not just the economic factor that is driving people to discover or more like rediscover certain non medical therapies. It is the fact that they are all natural and have no side effects whatsoever. Thai yoga body work was discovered in this quest for an alternative to medicine.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Teacher Training

The therapy itself is such an addictive process that you don’t even need to be sick to use it rather you can avail it to maintain a sound and healthy body. The Siamese culture is where this activity blossomed from and is now being noticed all around the world, especially in the U.S.A. The process of Thai Yoga body work is a mixture of a really relaxing massage with the effects of Yoga. It is done in a similar manner to that of a regular massage but the masseuse is actually doing Yoga to you. The recipient of this massage therapy has to lie down on a padded mat on the floor whereas some parlors may use massage tables as well.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Workshops

Traditional Yoga involves stretching your body muscles in a dynamic way which help to loosen up the joints and muscles. This in turn increases the endurance of the body which serves great benefit in fulfilling everyday work that requires dynamic movement. The postures used in Yoga are known as asanas, which involve twisting and stretching in different ways. Yoga has many beneficial results and helps to preserve the body in many ways.

The effects of the Thai yoga bodywork are manifold as it is a form of passive treatment unlike that of traditional yoga. Meaning that whereas to perform yoga you are required to exercise your self which requires a considerable amount of effort and concentration, in Thai yoga body work all you have to do is lie down whereas all the yoga is applied to you. This is one of the reasons it is called bodywork because it has another person doing the body work on to you.

This enables your body to be completely relaxed and enjoy the relaxing massage at the hands of the experts. With your body relaxed all the stretching of your muscles is passive. This will give your body the chance to release more tension and inhibition and it will also allow greater stretching to take place. The yoga body work applies the principles of the art of yoga to the recipient’s body. The only difference is that the person does not need to make any effort of his own accord whatsoever. It is just you are getting a massage done to yourself because it is performed in a more or less similar manner. There are however different kinds of Thai Yoga body work but all of them generate the same benefits.

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