Things to do in Chiang Mai

Are you going on holiday to Chiang Mai in Thailand? Are you looking for alternative things to do while on holiday? On this page we’ve given you useful tips and information on things to do in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination for many in the north of Thailand. Aside from being a regional capital with an extremely rich cultural heritage and long history there are many interesting modern day things to do in Chiang Mai.

Cooking classes in Chiang Mai

Thai cuisine is world renowned. Known for its spicy flavours and fresh ingredients, even those who have never tried Thai food before soon fall in love with it. There are several places in Chiang Mai that offer cookery classes that are open to everyone. A typical day at a cookery school in Chiang Mai lasts about six hours and involves both theoretical explanations as well as an opportunity to practice your own cooking. Most Thai cooking schools teach how to prepare a different dish on every day of the week so you can opt to join for a day or even a week and never have to learn the same dish twice. Prices for Thai cooking classes start at about 1000 baht per day.

Learn meditation in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to a world renowned meditation school: the Northern Insight Meditation Center. The meditation center specializes in teaching Vipassana meditation or what is commonly called insight meditation. This process aims to provide the practitioner with a better understanding of ones inner self. Courses vary from 10 – 26 days depending on how deeply you want to get into it; however, you should be warned that living conditions are far from luxurious and the self discipline needed to complete the course is great.  The meditation center is located on Rampoeng rd and although the course is technically free you’re expected to make some kind of donation.

Learn Thai massage in Chiang Mai

The massage techniques used in Chiang Mai differ from the rest of the country in that northern massage relies more on the stretching of muscles to relax them. There are dozens of places around Chiang Mai that offer individual instruction in Thai massage; however, quality of instruction varies and at most places you will not obtain any kind of certificate that is acceptable elsewhere. Nevertheless if you’re just interested in giving massages to your friends then a 5 day course can be bought for about 2000 baht.

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