Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer

Want to know more about the Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer? Discover the many benefits of the Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer…

The Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer is a renowned brand in the outdoor cooking equipment category and is considered one of the industry leaders in its product category. The Bayou Classic range includes cast iron cookware, aluminum stockpots, stainless steel stockpots and outdoor cooking equipment like grills and turkey fryers.

Bayou Classic aims to consistently maintain its leadership position when it comes to innovative products for outdoor cooking. Their customers continue to be excited about the latest innovative product that comes out of the company’s manufacturing line. Items like the leg and wing rack and the ChickCAN Rack have redefined grilling procedures in the outdoor barbecue industry.

Cast-iron cookware has been one of its leading revenue generators and this beautiful line is consistently growing because of the demand. Bayou have added items like the jambalaya kit as well as small sized 20 inch baking items, covered skillets and a unique square skillet, as well as a biscuit pan to their cast iron range!

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer

The Turkey Fryer from Bayou Classic is very easy to utilize when you’re cooking outdoors. The functional design and good quality construction allow you to enjoy convenient cooking procedures and easy to prepare meal options. You can utilize it for individual cooking as well as larger  tasks on a daily basis.

It is roomy enough to handle large barbecues and cookouts for family and friends alike. The beautiful steel door and legs along with the control panel and the handles which remain cool even after the turkey fryer is at high temperature make the Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer highly efficient and easy to use appliance.

The Bayou Classic product range includes both turkey fryers and Bayou Classic turkey fryer pots. You can select from the fryer pots which have steel burners or perhaps the aluminum fryer pots which have aluminum burners and pots. Accessories included with the kit include different baskets and extra pots. You will have all the fryer parts that you need to deep fry a turkey within 45 minutes.

The turkey fryer kit from Bayou Classic comes equipped with an outdoor propane burner and you can choose the metal you want the pot to come in. If you’re buying turkey fryer pots you can also utilize them with your existing propane burner. From preparing jambalaya to gumbo to deep frying a turkey, the Bayou Classic turkey fryers and jambalaya kits let you do it all with comfort and ease.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey in the Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer

To deep fry a turkey in the Bayou Classic turkey fryer simply place a whole turkey in the deep fryer and fill it with water to figure out how much oil you will require to deep-fry it. Now remove the turkey and pat it dry thoroughly and season it.

Measure the quantity of water that was used to fill up the turkey fryer and pour in the same quantity of vegetable oil into the turkey fryer. Heat the vegetable oil to 350°F and then place the turkey on the rack and immerse in the hot oil. It will take approximately 40 minutes for the turkey to cook through into a succulent juicy bird with crispy golden skin.


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