Kathy Ireland Rugs

Interested in buying Kathy Ireland rugs? Explore the exotic collection of high quality rugs produced by the company…

You will find Kathy Ireland rugs to be showcasing a unique sense of design that takes inspiration from various cultures and elements of nature. The collection of rugs from Kathy Ireland is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Kipling Ivory

This is one of the most lively rugs that you will find out there, yet it maintains a certain sophistication. Sun drenched colors and coastal imagery adorns this machine woven rug. Incorporating this rug into your living space will create a truly exotic environment. A unique pattern comprising of sea shells, palm trees and a host of different tropical motifs makes this Kathy Ireland rug very inviting.

Buckingham Border Ruby Lifestyle

This particular rug from Kathy Ireland is an artistic expression of casualness. It offers the ultimate solution for any home maker. The rug is inspired by the world wide travels of the designer which is what gives it a universal appeal. The beautiful rug has a rich ruby border which is wide enough to leave only a small rectangle in the center. With a unique twig motif in the borders this is one of the best selling items from the collection. This is a traditional area rug with its main color as red.

Devonshire Natural Lifestyle

As the name suggests this particular design takes its inspirations from nature. The rug is unmistakably green creating a fun filled fresh ambiance. It is an ideal addition to any sophisticated chill pad. The rug will want you to jump off the sofa and sit on the floor because that’s how inviting it is. The machine woven rug features beautiful floral designs evenly spaced out across its surface.

Maritime Ivory

This Kathy Ireland rug will make your neat interior seem even neater with its ivory base and exotic patterns. This is one of the more sophisticated patterns from the collection, yet it is inviting enough to be placed in a casual setting. Ideally it is a nautical area rug that will go best with tastefully selected interiors. Without a doubt Maritime Ivory has the potential to become the center of attraction in any setting.

The Beach

The name gives it away that this is the ultimate casual rug that will turn your house into a chill zone. This is not to say the rug does not offer you sophistication. On the contrary the rug is designed with such amazing coastal patterns that it falls in a class of its own. An ivory sand base with green and brown tropical motives gives this rug a very sober pop art appearance.

All Kathy Ireland rugs are machine made. The bulk of them are made using polypropylene as their main fiber. The collection has various designs tailored to fit in with formal or casual settings. Above are just some of the fine examples giving you an idea of the kind of variety that Kathy Ireland has to offer.

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