Irish Birthday Gifts

Interested in buying Irish birthday gifts? Explore the various Irish merchandise popularly used as birthday gifts…

The collection of Irish gifts as some of the most unique birthday gifts for men, women and children of all ages. Inspired by ancient Celtic tradition Irish gift items have a unique feel to them especially when merged with contemporary design.

Amongst the unique gift items that Ireland has to offer are silver cuff links for men. You will be able to find a wide variety of Celtic spirited silver cuff links that have a great appeal on the masses. These are not your conventional cuff links. Themes like Celtic spirals and knots along with the trademark Claddagh are design elements that you can expect to find on Irish Silver cuff links.

Another unique item that serves as a great gift are decorated gourds. These are very popular in Ireland. You will be able to find many creative varieties of decorated gourds that will serve the purpose just fine.  These gourds feature unique Celtic symbols meticulously painted on their surface. These decorated gourds are meant for drinking yerba mate tea.

You will also be able to find some amazing Irish card boxes. These make excellent gifts for people working in offices looking for a creative way to hold their cards. Another traditional Irish gift item is the money clip. You will be able to find specially crafted silver money clips decorated with detailed carvings inspired by ancient Celtic designs.

There are a host of Irish gift items specifically designed for the fairer sex. Amongst the most popular choices that you have are gemstone necklaces and hand made silver earrings. As it is Celtic jewelry is renowned the world over for its unique themes and the innate symbolism that it carries. Examples include the Claddagh theme, Celtic Knots and the trinity knots. These are all ancient Celtic themes that have come back into fashion in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants and other jewelry items.

Ireland is renowned for its fine pottery and ceramics works. Irish companies like Belleek are renowned world over for their fine porcelain products and chinaware. Although these may be a tad bit expensive they are definitely worth it once you consider their design and superior quality construction. These are items that are treasured and handed down generations.

If you want to give someone a personalized gift then the coat of arms is one theme that you can go for. You will be able to find special coat of arms rings and wall plaques. If you know your friend’s or family members origin and lineage you can have a special coat of arms gift item prepared for them on order. This is an excellent way of honoring someone’s heritage.

There is a wide array of other contemporary Irish gift items that can be used for this purpose. Tshirts and other fashion accessories with creative graphics are a great choice to give to the new generation.

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