Best Gun for Turkey Hunting

Want to buy the best gun for turkey hunting? Read on for facts and info on the characteristics that the best turkey gun should have…

In order to enjoy the sport of turkey hunting you need to be equipped with the right hunting gear. The most important hunting gear is obviously the particular gun that you will be using for hunting turkey. Since turkeys are hunted in the same manner as big game animals you need the gun that you will be using to be a rifle. This is why the best gun for turkey hunting is a hybrid of a slug gun and a smoothbore.

Ideally you will want to make use of single barrel gun for turkey hunting. This is because optical sight can easily be fit onto the top of a single barrel. Similarly it does not take much to fit the optical sight onto the auto’s receiver. When it comes to turkey hunting the magazine capacity and the rate of fire are not of much importance. Generally pumps are preferred over autos because they are lightweight and cost effective. Additionally a pump action has better security features.

In order to effectively shoot down your turkey you need to hit it with 4 to 5 pellets in its head. The only way to do that is to fire more bullets. A 3 inch 12 gauge pump action has the ability to deliver up to 2 ounces of small shot which is more than enough for shooting down a turkey. Although many turkey hunters prefer to use heavier shotguns the above-mentioned is the standard. Also, it should prove to be far more convenient than carrying larger gauges as they tend to be heavier. The ideal weight for a 12 gauge turkey gun should be between 7 to 8 pounds.

With regards to the length of the barrel you would want to restrict it to 2 feet maximum. This will allow you better maneuverability through branches and vines with the gun lugging around your shoulder. As it is there is no such thing a s a need for longer barrels for increased velocity or weight forward balance when it comes to turkey hunting. Rather a short barreled gun will be easier to hold in position as you wait for your game to appear.

You will find a number of different finishes in turkey guns. You want to avoid shiny blue barrels and glossy stocks as they will attract the attention of the gobblers from a distance. Hence you want to avoid any painting or taping on the surface of the gun and will fare much better with a matte finished metal or wood look.

It is also important for your turkey gun to have a good sight and trigger combination. As it is quite difficult to home in on a turkey’s head because of the colorful patterns that are found on it, you will want the turkey gun to have front and middle beads for the sight system. In general the triggers that are found on turkey guns are not that impressive. However you can have your turkey gun trigger smoothened by paying a small charge to a qualified gunsmith. The aforementioned qualities are all the characteristics that the best gun for turkey hunting needs to possess.

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