National Spanish Exam

Want to learn more about the national Spanish exam? Read our guide for facts and info on the new online format of the NSE Spanish language exam…

The national Spanish exam is a standardized assessment tool which is available online. It was developed by more than 300 teachers from across the United States. The objective of this examination is to test the level of proficiency achieved by students that have been studying Spanish as a second language.

This concept was initiated in 1957 and up until 2005 the exam was conducted in a written format. However with the widespread use of the Internet the examination made a transition to the online world in 2006. The Quia Corporation was a sponsor before making the standard and it is regarded as being the first online national foreign language examination.

The national Spanish examination was formulated to recognize and acknowledge the achievements made by students learning the Spanish language as well as a means of promoting language proficiency in formal studies of the language. The online examination provides teachers with a comprehensive assessment tool that enables them to gauge the proficiency of their students. At the same time students have an excellent opportunity to practice their language skills and gauge their own proficiency by testing themselves against the ranking system of the exam.

Along with recognizing the achievement in the study of the Spanish language the examination is aimed at promoting efficiency in the interpretive communication of the language. It also helps to assess the national standards that pertain to the study of the Spanish language. At the same time it acts as a stimulus that boosts interest in learning as well as the teaching of Spanish.

Teachers across the United States use the national Spanish examination for the purpose of preparing the students for standardized tests such as SAT II, AP IB as well as college placement exams. The data derived from the national Spanish examination also helps to create comprehensive reports for administrators looking to gauge the value of the educational standards provided by their schools.

The motivational national Spanish examination was developed as an extracurricular activity for students that were members of the AATSP. It was created for the purpose of holding a contest among the local chapters of the group. The format of the national Spanish examination has gone through a series of modifications since its inception in 1957. This has helped to keep the format as well as the content current with the latest changes in language learning theory and assessment.

Because of its ease of accessibility the national Spanish exam is the most widely used test in all of the United States. A total of 106,772 students participated in the online version of the exam in 2008. The NSE has gained official recognition by a large number of administrative and teaching associations and organizations at all levels. It has also been placed on the national advisory list of contest and activities for 2009 by the NASSP.

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