Bronze Turkey Poults

Want to buy bronze turkey poult? Read on for details and characteristics of the incredibly rare bronze turkey poult variety…

The new hatchlings of the bronze breed of domesticated turkey are known as bronze turkey poults. This is a rather unique breed of turkey which is characterized by the unusual color of its plumage. When observed in broad daylight the plumage seems to have an iridescent bronze sheen.

Bronze turkey poults are in very high demand in America. In fact historical records indicate that this particular breed has been the most widely consumed variety of domesticated turkey. It was only during the mid-20th century that the demand for bronze turkey poults experienced a substantial decline in comparison to its demand in history.

The bronze turkey variety is further divided into two distinct categories. One of these is the broad breasted bronze while the other is considered to be the standard bronze. Although these two categories have been identified there still exists a considerable amount of confusion regarding the exact characteristics of each category. There are many people who believe that there is no difference whatsoever between the two varieties and continue to call both varieties as the bronze turkey.

The plumage of the bird possesses a very unique green bronze which shimmers in the sunlight making it appear as a metallic tint. The broad breasted bronze turkey is developed for commercial uses. The other variety is produced out of natural mating and only uses small-scale production. Both of these varieties have now become rare in North America.

For commercial use bronze turkey poults are reproduced via artificial insemination. This is because the overly meaty breast of the adult bronze turkey restricts natural mating as it acts as an obstacle to that activity.

In recent years processors have started favoring the white feathered turkey bird over the bronze variety. This is because the pinfeathers in the white bird are more difficult to detect after the cleaning process. This trend has led to a rapid decline in the population of bronze turkey. However some producers continue to make use of bronze turkeys because they have bred them to have a calmer nature as compared to the white which makes them easier to handle.

Currently there are only six hatcheries across the United States that breed broad breasted bronze turkeys. Some producers have also crossed the bronze variety with the white turkey and sell this hybrid bird in the market as a backyard hobby bird.

Natural bronze turkey poults are extremely rare. As per official records there is only one hatchery in the United States that is currently breeding the unapproved variety. Apart from this hatchery there are records of scattered university flocks where the unapproved variety is bred.

It is believed that the Aztecs were the first people to domesticate the bronze turkey in Mexico more than 500 years ago. It is from Mexico that the export of turkeys to Spain and other regions across Europe first began. After the turkey population spread across different regions of the world many new hybrids were developed because of crossbreeding with local indigenous birds.

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