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Want to learn more about Agropoli Campania, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this historic center of Italy…

Agropoli Campania is the name of an Italian region that is located close to the northern part of the famous Cilento coast at the Tyrrhenian Sea. This historical town is popular for having many medieval ruins such as a large feudal Castle, the churches of Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, San Marco and San Francesco as well as the remains of San Francisco’s monastery.

Also part of the Italian region of Agropoli is the beautiful beach of Trentova Bay. The bay serves as the blue flag area and is also one of the most frequented seaside destinations in all of Italy.

The total population of historical center has been recorded as 20,000 in the most recent statistics. The locals hail Saint Peter and Paul as their patron saints and are known for celebrating religious festivals in their name. The 29 of June in particular is a very important date for the people of Agropoli. Amongst the religious festivals celebrated in the region are San Marco, Moio, Marotta, Fuonti, Trentova and Tarullo.

History of Agropoli

The region where Agropoli is situated has existed since the Neolithic times. The Italian city has a natural sheltered bay on its east side popular known as the “Foce”. The Greeks made use of the bay as a trade base in ancient times. During first and fifth BC the region came under Roman rule that established a small town in the locality known as Ercula. The exact location of this town was where San Marco exists today. At the same time the harbor of Greek Poseidonia was being silted in the region.

As the Roman Empire reached its end the area was subject to African invasions. This caused the locals to retreat to the cape as they were better protected in that region. The Byzantines successfully managed to fortify the settlement and it came to be known as Akropolis.

In the sixth century the Bishop of Paestum was forced to take refuge in Agropoli because of the Longbards invasion. In this manner the locality became the sole surviving Center for the Byzantines in the area.

The Saracens managed to conquer Agropoli in 882. Following this conquest the region was transformed into a stronghold from where they launched attacks on surrounding areas. However, they were defeated by 915 AD following which, Agropoli came under the direct action of the bishops. The bishops continued to rule over the region until the 15th century.

Today this historic center attracts people from all over the world because of the many historical relics, ruins and artifacts that have been preserved in the territory till today. Amongst the must-see sights in Agropoli is the Angevin Aragonese castle, which was erected long ago and stands at the top of the peninsula. The coastal tower of San Francesco that was built in the 16th century is also an ancient relic still standing.

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