Cody Turkey Calls

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A newly revamped turkey box call by Cody Turkey Calls has hit the market recently. This series is entitled the Drop Dead Series and it is an award-winning one. A new proprietary design has made it very popular and changed the turkey box call industry.

Proprietary Design of the Cody Turkey Calls

This box call does not utilize the regular mode and has a concave lid instead of the flat lid which is commonly found on turkey box calls. This is coupled with a newly designed vertical core technology which changes the way the box call functions.

The device has a patent pending on it but you can utilize it during a hunt to test its overall effectiveness. The results delivered by the Cody Drop Dead Series Turkey Calls are unmatched by any other regular turkey call in the industry.

Cody Turkey Calls – Box Calls

The side construction is laminated. It makes a very strong call. This beautifully constructed piece works with the trademark Vertical Core which is placed on the striking side. It requires very little chalk to emit the soft calling sounds required from this turkey box call.

You can get soft purring noises as well as clucks from the device. The acoustics are mainly derived from small holes which are placed in strategic locations on the box call. The excellent quality of the tone and the desired rollover makes for a very easy-to-use Cody turkey call device.

You can even get the 6.5 One Sider Box Call. While Cody does not take credit for inventing the box call it does take a lot of credit for enhancing its features and building upon the basic technology of the turkey call. The devices featured in this series are crafted out of solid walnut and cherry wood. You can also get them in chestnut as well as camouflaged designs to suit your taste and requirements.

The device is the favorite of countless hunters who have utilized it during competitions since it was first manufactured. Needless to say the ergonomic design and unique technology used to manufacture these products has led to many wins and awards for professional hunters.

Cody turkey calls are manufactured in limited quantity every year with prices ranging from $75 for the cheapest walnut turkey call to $125 for the chestnut and camouflage turkey calls. You will be buying a product of great value when you select a Cody turkey call.

Cody Turkey Calls – The Glass and Slate Strikers

From world champions and professional guides you can find many hunters who will recommend Cody turkey calls. Apart from that you can just buy the striker which actually has a wooden sounding board instead of a graphite sounding board.

This is basically a slate sheet or a single glass sheet which is fixed in a laminated wooden pot. Judging from the orders placed at the company it has become very popular with hunters across the country. The striker for the device is made out of a heavily crafted hickory wood piece and both the glass and slate striker retail for $125 each.

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