Fancy Turkish Tumblers Pigeons

Are you planning to buy Fancy Turkish Tumbler pigeons and go for competitions? Do you want to know why Fancy Turkish Tumblers pigeons are more popular than other pigeons? Then read our guide for facts and more information…

Fancy Turkish Tumblers pigeons contain various varieties from various regions. Each breed varies in size, color and pattern. Takla is one popular breed of pigeons, which is famous for their tumbling skills and looks. Takla has its origin in Central Asia near Mongolia. Turkish nomad soldiers promoted this breed of pigeons. Sultan’s of those days fancied this variety and bred them for their pleasure.

The appearance of the bird along with its aerial performance has been the reason why Takla is attracting breeders in Turkey. These birds need a high level of maintenance, commitment and patience to be trained to perform in competition.

Fancy Turkish Tumblers Pigeons Characteristics

Throughout the year Fancy Turkish Tumblers pigeons participate in competitions for their tumbling skills. This makes the breeders give preference to fancy Turkish tumbler pigeons over other regional breeds. These pigeons are found in various colors and patterns from plain, rosed, mustached, double crested or crested heads.

Color pattern of the bird forms the base for the bird’s name. However, by practice name of the city of origin is used to name a bird. This way one could get more understanding about the quality of the bird and its tumbling skills based on the region it belongs too.

When these fancy Turkish tumblers fly, they are visible to us. This allows us to enjoy the tumble stunt it performs when flying. They use combination tricks to do upwards tumbling climbs like a helicopter, fly down legs stretched, fly with head in between wings and many more skills. Some good breeds do a dive towards loft and spin while going up without losing composure.

Many breeders take these pigeons to competition just to show their fancy Turkish tumblers skills in the air. According to the breed variety, each pigeon’s flight duration can vary from two hours to fourteen hours at  low altitudes  or high above thelimits of human eyesight.

Training is Significant

Training these birds is the most important thing for any breeder. Different breeders take up different methods to train their young fancy Turkish tumblers. Some leave the birds to fly high alone. Many birds undergo training in this method. Some go with co breeders and give mock flight for their birds. This way it is easy to get good performing fancy Turkish tumbler pigeons.

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