High Flyers Turkish Tumblers Pigeons

Want to learn more about the high flyers Turkish Tumblers pigeons? Read on for facts and info on this unique breed of pigeons that is lauded for its extravagant mannerisms of flight…

The high- flying breed of Turkish Tumbler pigeons is commonly known as the “Takla” in the country of its origin. The breed is renowned for its exceptional tumbling skills and is raised for this very purpose in the country. Turkish Tumblers give their superior performance in the areas where they are naturally found in Turkey.

Turkish Tumbler Variety

The Takla is available in a wide variety of colors ranging from plain to solid colors. Then you have the mustached variety as well as the crested, double crested and rosed versions of the Turkish Tumbler pigeon. Amongst the latest versions to have been developed are the grizzled and mottled, although conventional Tumbler enthusiasts are not very fond of this development.

The white Turkish tumbler is regarded as being at the top of the line. It is popularly known as the white self one. Also part of the traditional standard are tumblers with white tail and head markings. The white head marking forms a design that makes it resemble the pattern on the head of a monk. This variety is found in different areas of Turkey.

Generally the birds are characterized by the description of their colors. However, they are called by the name of the city of their origin. For the hardcore high flying Turkish tumbler enthusiasts, mentioning the city name is enough to indicate the type of tumbler which is likely to originate from that area.

Turkish tumblers are of two types; the low flying and the high flying. The highflying tumbler variety is the rarer of the two. It is however the low flying variety which is more popular amongst the Turks. This is primarily because one can clearly see all the moves that the bird is making in the air as it flies relatively lower in comparison to its high flying counterpart.

Turkish Tumbler Flight

The most strikingly unique quality of Turkish tumblers is the tumbling movements that they make during their flight. They do this while they are flying in a straight direction. In general the tumblers make an upstairs climb composed of different maneuvers. Those exceptionally skilled give a more breath taking performance as they swerve to the left while diving to just inches above the ground and then make a sharp movement ascending towards the skies in a helicopter like movement. During the flight they have their legs stretched downwards as if they were trying to land on the ground and the head is pointing forward and tilted downwards so as to make a more aerodynamic shape. The wings are opened at a perfect 90- degree angle from the body as they take off.

The pigeons make sudden upward movements about every three feet. The more exhibitionist pigeons make spins when ascending up to the sky, while managing to keep their composure.

The high flying ability, as well as the speed and other performance characteristics are based on the region of the origin of the birds. The same is also applicable  to the physical qualities that are found in the Turkish Tumblers.

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