Hisaronu Turkey

Want to vacation in Hisaronu Turkey? Discover the beautiful Hisaronu city off the western Mediterranean coast of Turkey…

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Hisaronu Turkey you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this beautiful tourist resort located in the western coastal area of Turkey and bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The city is located in the Mugla province of Turkey and is in close proximity to Fethiye and Olu Deniz. The reason for this specific location is that the name Hisaronu, Turkey has been assigned to more than one area around Turkey.

You can find beautiful accommodation in terms of hotels, apartments and villas for you, your friends and family. This well planned city has shopping malls, easy access to transportation and many places to visit.

From sightseeing to lounging on the beach or indulging in water sailing and scuba diving, you can enjoy a plethora of activities with all the information at hand. A first-time traveler and repeat visitor will both equally be enthralled by the many action-packed adventures offered at Hisaronu, Turkey.

Beautiful Sights in Hisaronu ,Turkey

Why not visit the Aphrodisias, which is just a six-hour ride away from Fethiye and makes for a beautiful experience? This archaeological site is located on a plateau which is 6000 m above sea level and has the Buyuk Menderes River running through it while the area is surrounded by amazing mountains. It was discovered by a professor from New York University in 1959 and was further excavated to reveal a beautiful temple from a bygone era.

This amazing discovery revealed a completely intact stadium which could seat approximately 30,000 people and includes a bath area along with a palace for the bishops. This area became very rich and famous under Roman rule and the patron saint of this area was the goddess of love called Aphrodite.

The beautiful marble which is native to this area is pale white in color and is famous all over the world. This town was the cultural center and the region where philosophy and medicine developed.

Why not visit the 12 islands in Turkey? These beautiful islands are equipped with restaurants as well as Byzantine ruins, while others simply have serene and peaceful natural ecosystems at which you can marvel.

Discover the ancient stepladder bay which has a cave cut out in the side of the rock. Legend has it that one of the friends of the Queen Cleopatra decided to utilize a hot water spring to create a Roman bath at the present site for the Queen. This beautifying water has many minerals and contains calcium and magnesium which rejuvenate the skin.

Butterfly Valley Hisaronu Turkey

The magnificent Butterfly Valley is fascinating because it has an amazing collection of moth and butterfly species which are endemic to the Mediterranean coastal region. Apart from their prevalence in the open air, a natural history museum has been set up for them.

The beautiful Butterfly Valley has amazing trees and plants which include fragrant jasmine, strong eucalyptus trees, herbs like thyme, oregano or mint along with fragrant mimosa trees. The entire valley has 86 acres of large and beautiful land with a border of vertical rock around it.

For a few hundred years the only inhabitants of this island were the butterflies and the endemic flora and fauna. It was discovered only 20 years ago and since then has become a major tourist destination.

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