Creative Irish Gifts

Interested in buying creative Irish gifts? Explore the variety of some of the most unique Irish merchandise that makes great giveaways…

If you are looking for something different to give to someone special on a special occasion then try exploring the collection of Irish gifts for some creative gift ideas. The collection of Irish gifts that you will be able to purchase online today does not just consist of tourist related merchandise. Rather there is a wide array of brilliantly hand crafted items such as linen, glassware, crystal and pottery at bay as well.

Creative Irish crystal gifts

The collection of crystal Irish gifts has some amazing gift items to offer. As it is crystal is one of the most popular items when looking for exquisite gift items and Irish crystal gifts are amongst the most impressive crystal items that you will be able to find. Irish factories like Tyrone Crystal, Waterford Crystal, Cavan Crystal and Galway Crystal have a fine collection of crystal gifts that have been meticulously hand crafted by their skilled artisans. You will be able to find brilliant crystal chandeliers and decanters amongst the collection. Irish crystal items definitely take the top spot in the category of creative Irish

Creative Irish pottery and porcelain gifts

The country of Ireland is renowned the world over for its unique ceramic and pottery works. These are evergreen items that will always work wonders as creative gifts. Some of the biggest brands involved in the production of highly creative Irish ceramic gifts are Nicholas Moss, Loius Mulcahy, Belleek Pottery and Royal Tara China.

If you are looking for unique tableware then Belleek is the company you should be looking for. Their collection has some all time classic designs that are highly valued by the masses. If you are looking for something that is modeled around the contemporary sense of aesthetics then explore the collection o John Rocha’s glassware. Irish Dresden with its unique porcelain figures are also worthy of exploring when looking for creative Irish gifts.

Special Irish gifts

Hand woven Irish tweed is another unique traditional Irish item that makes an excellent gift. Magees of Donegal is one of the best known names in this category. Irish tweed has traditionally been used for men’s clothing but in recent years many designers have started using it for women’s clothing as well. You will be able to find some high class designer wear in Irish weed which make excellent gifts.

If you are looking for something creative to the extent of being gimmicky then the “grow your own shamrock” kit is something that may interest you. The various leprechaum costumes and Irish road signs are other examples of creative Irish gifts. Printed tea towels and plaques are other options you can go for. The Guinness brand is well known for producing some excellent items that make great giveaways as well.

There are special Irish gifts produced for special occasions as well. The Claddagh ring for example is one of the finest pieces of traditional Irish jewelry. This ring and others like it are very unconventional and definitely deserve a mention in the list of the most creative Irish gifts out there.

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