How to Get a SIM Card for Turkey

Want to know if your SIM card will work in Turkey? Want to buy a new SIM card in Turkey? Our SIM card guide to Turkey gives you the facts & information you want to know.

It is possible to buy SIM cards that work in Turkey from your home country before travelling to Turkey. The advantage is that you can place your SIM card in your mobile phone as soon as you get to Turkey and start using it immediately. If you don’t buy your SIM card in your country then it is always possible to purchase a SIM card once you’ve arrived in Turkey. The best place to buy your SIM card is from one of the many mobile phone shops in all of Turkey’s main cities. When you go to buy your SIM card you will need some official proof of identification as all SIM cards in Turkey are registered to an owner in order to prevent crime. There are a few companies that offer SIM cards in Turkey; however, Turkcell is the largest provider with the greatest coverage. Prices of SIM cards vary slightly but you can expect to pay between £7-15 pounds depending on the shop and areas you buy your SIM card from in Turkey.

Setting up your SIM card in Turkey

In order to use your SIM card in Turkey you have to make sure your phone operates between 900- 1800 MHz and isn’t locked. In many western countries the provider programs you’re mobile so that it can’t be used with a SIM card from any other network. In order to use your new SIM card in Turkey you have to have your phone unlocked which can usually be done at the shop that sold you the SIM card. This usually costs about £5. Often when you buy your SIM card in Turkey it will come as part of a starter pack which states your Turkish phone number and the services offered by the network provider.

Using your SIM card in Turkey

When you purchase your SIM card in Turkey it usually comes with 100 units that provides you with a few minutes of international calls and about 30 minutes of local calls. You should check whether the provider of your SIM card in Turkey charges you for incoming calls as this may vary depending on provider. If you want to top up your SIM card you simply buy a pay as you go card and follow the easy instructions which have an English language option on the top up line. Top up cards for your SIM card in Turkey can be bought as 100 unit or 250 unit denominations. SIM cards in Turkey expire if not used or topped up every ninety days so be sure to do that or your SIM card will expire.

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