Icmeler Turkey

Visiting Icmeler Turkey? Discover how the quiet village of Icmeler Turkey was turned into a vacation spot…

Icmeler Turkey was a quiet village till the 90s and hardly anyone visited the area apart from villagers from neighboring towns. Even though the resort city of Marmaris was located just 8 km from Icmeler in Turkey and was very popular throughout the 80s.

Development of Icmeler Turkey into a Resort City

Since Icmeler Turkey was so close to Marmaris the spillover effect of developing resorts in Turkey finally caught up with the village of Icmeler Turkey in 1990. Foreigners started visiting the resort and it developed into the new hot destination for visitors.

With the forests and hillsides of Marmaris becoming crowded with countless hotel developments, more and more construction took place in Icmeler Turkey to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

It is now fully equipped with hotels, hotel apartments and many restaurants along with shopping centers that make it a world class resort. While it has all the facilities required for vacation goers it still retains its old world charm and the locals interact with the visitors to make them feel right at home. The feeling of belonging and being welcomed by locals is what has made Icmeler Turkey very popular with vacation goers.

The Prime Location of Icmeler Turkey

Nestled on the large bay with a beautiful sandy beach that ends at Marmaris, Icmeler Turkey has wonderful and quaint small green buildings dotting its coastline. This gives it a very relaxing yet lively feel and it is pleasant to the eyes. This happy town is home to locals who prefer it over any big-city charms.

Entertainment and Activities around Icmeler Turkey

You will enjoy a Quad Safari, an experience that will get your adrenaline rushing as you thrill to an off-road ride on the quad bikes. If you want to travel in a group then take a Jeep Safari into the nearby villages as well as the untouched wilderness on the city’s outskirts. Enjoy looking at the pristine bays where you can stop for a swim and experience the beautiful natural environment on the outskirts of Icmeler Turkey.

Aside from that enjoy hiking, city tours and biking or motorbike rides. Those who love the water can enjoy jet skiing, and parasailing or even surfing on the beautiful blue waters.

You can visit the Cleopatra Beach or the Cotton Castle of Pamukkale which gets its name for the ancient stalactites and stalagmite formations in pools of spring water. The more contemporary vacationer can take the children to the playgrounds or water parks, where both adults and children can have a whole lot of family fun.
The local cuisine is found at both high-end and low-end restaurants all over the resort city of Iclemer Turkey. You can enjoy fresh fruits and produce from this region in the company of the ever-hospitable Turks.

Don’t miss the fresh catch of fish from the pristine waters of the surrounding sea. The canoe ride on the Hidden Lake is also highly recommended along with lunch in Akyaka and exploring  the Gokova followed by a tea break in a quaint village along the way.

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