Michael Sieve Turkey Prints

Want to buy a Michael Sieve Turkey Print? Discover the beautiful wildlife depicted in Michael Sieve Turkey Prints…

Michael Sieve turkey prints are very popular with wildlife fans. He is a wildlife artist based in Minnesota and is commonly known as the mammal artist.
While he specializes in painting deer his other prints include different birds like turkey. His interest lies mainly in nature and wildlife. The beauty and finesse depicted in his artwork is mainly owing to his extensive knowledge of the wildlife that he paints.

He acquired a keen eye for detail and information on the anatomy of wildlife during hunting trips as well as by growing up on a family farm with many animals.
His popular new prints are entitled the Flying Colors – Pheasants, The Prairie Blizzard, The Smoked Turkey, Golden Fan Club and the Glory Days Series. The Battling Series includes battles between Mule Deer and Bucks, White Tailed Deer and Bucks as well as Caribou and Bulls.

Michael Sieve Turkey Prints

The print by Michael Sieve entitled Smoked Turkey is actually a self-portrait from the first day of his hunting trip in the year 2001. He had gotten a response from 11 toms on that morning and the picture depicts the three toms which were the closest to the artist. He was actually successful in hunting one down.
Another beautiful print called We Three Kings is based on wild turkeys also. It depicts beautiful turkeys with their feathery plumage fanned out as they forage towards the hunters.

The Golden Fan Club is a clear standout print by Michael Sieve. This depicts a beautiful evening sunset in a lilac and lemon yellow sky. Three turkey hens populate the grassy forest while a male turkey tom is busy strutting in front of them to attract their attention and show off. His beautiful plumage shines in hues of copper and gold hence the title of the print.

How to Purchase Michael Sieve Turkey Prints

These prints provide the perfect gift for avid hunters and can be ordered throughout the year. The prices range from $180-$260 for unframed prints by the artist. You can add approximately $100 to the price for framed prints. Orders can be placed online and prices include shipping costs.

Michael Sieve is an avid hunter and his passion for both hunting and cherishing the anatomy of wildlife is depicted in his intricate prints. The focus is not just on the animal itself but on the entire scene as pictured by the artist during his visit into the forest or farmland. You can see amazing sunsets captured in beautiful hues in the prints along with the beautiful foliage of forest and farmland as it comes to life vividly on the canvas.

Other Popular Wildlife Prints

The artist also sells a beautiful annual calendar called Beyond the Woods. It captures different scenes of wildlife. If you’re interested in more prints other than the turkey prints by the artist then the Prairie Blizzard is highly recommended.

It depicts poultry in turmoil on a farm during a blizzard. The farm has been ravaged by extreme weather. The blizzard has left behind a blanket of snow which the poultry have to break through. There is also an amazing depiction of beautifully feathered birds found in Flying Colors which focuses on pheasants.

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