French Chefs Embroidery Designs

Are you a fan of embroidery and want to learn to do it, or want to give embroidery as a gift? One of the most popular kinds of embroidery designs is French chefs and to learn more about these read our guide for more facts and information…

In recent years French chef theme home décor has become extremely popular. One can find different home items, especially kitchen items, in the French chef theme. These items usually depict caricatures of French chefs. They are usually shown as overweight old men with big bellies, large hats and overgrown moustaches.

Some of the most popular kitchen items within the French chef theme include salt and pepper shakers, place mates, kitchen towels, wine bottle holders, bottle openers, aprons, chef’s hats, hanging hooks and many more.

People who want to introduce some French chef items and try their hand at some creative crafts should try embroidery. Here one can get French chef embroidery designs and use these to embroider on kitchen towels, hand towels, table mats, aprons and place mats.

One can buy these from online embroidery design retailers. Because of the popularity of French chef themed décor it will not be hard to find a website on which French chef embroidery designs are sold. There are different kinds of French chef designs which fall into this category, most of these are humorous and cartoons.

Order French Chef Embroidery Designs

Other than finding a new creative outlet and introducing a new décor element into your home, one can save money on doing the embroidery yourself, instead of purchasing already French chef themed items. These can be as cheap as $4 per design. The embroidery designs are very affordable. One can order these in different sizes to go with different size towels and mats, for example one can get these in sizes as small as 4.83×4.40 or 3.87×3.54, or as big as 6×10.

The prices are usually dependant on the sizes and intricacy of the designs. They are also available in different colours. Once payment is made for the order the designs are usually sent by e-mail and then can be printed out and used. An added benefit of these is that they can be reused, and so one only has to order as many different designs as one wants, and not numerous samples of the same one. These are also available in different packs.

If embroidering as a gift for someone one can also order embroidery fonts to embroider the name of the gift receiver.
One can also purchase embroidery design software in which one can make your own designs, or even alter ready-made purchased designs.

Embroidery is a wonderfully cheap and easy creative outlet. It is an affordable way to redecorate your home and introduce French chef décor into the home. It is a useful skill to develop also because one can create unique custom gifts for loved ones. Indeed, one can give an embroidery pack including designs, software and tools as a gift to someone else.

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