Mini Turkey Burgers

Want a recipe for Mini Turkey Burgers? Learn how to involve children in preparing classic Mini turkey burgers during the summer months…

The summer months offer a perfect opportunity for families to bond over barbecues during the lazy weekends. Why not incorporate the help of your young kids in preparing a classic Mini turkey burger?

With the many barbecues you will be attending during the summers, turkey meat offers a lean version of barbecue products when compared to beef. However, a common complaint with turkey meat is that it becomes very dry. You can combat this problem by using the dark meat of the turkey to keep meat deliciously flavored and succulent.

Preparing the Burger Patties

Heat your grill after oiling it and make it very hot. Flavor 1 pound of finely ground dark meat turkey with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and freshly ground black pepper each. Mix in two tablespoons of ketchup which helps keep the meat moist during grilling.

Combine this gently with your hands. Prepare the burger patties by making 8 portions of the meat and rolling them out into circles in your hands. Press down gently to make half an inch thick patties that are roughly equal in size.

For adults you can create larger burger patties. Cover them with wax paper and place them in the refrigerator until you decide to grill them.

Cook the burger patties on the hot grill for 12 minutes and turn them only once. Place the cheese slice on the top in the last minute of cooking these burger patties. Place the buns on the grill in the last minute of cooking the burger patties.

Transfer them into fresh plates and keep them away from the raw burger patty plates to avoid contamination. Before you start assembling the burgers let them sit for two minutes in to become more flavorful and juicy.

Preparing the Toppings

Wash four plum tomatoes and dry them out, slice them into thin pieces. You can use Bibb lettuce leaves that have been washed and dried. Shred these to use them inside the burgers.

For a unique flavor use a combination of cheese slices like cheddar, American or Swiss cheese and a few pickle slices to add a tangy flavor to the mini turkey burgers. You’ll require ketchup and mustard for seasoning.

Burger Buns

Slice eight mini burger buns into half and brush each side with a little olive oil before you toast them on the grill. If you do not have small buns you can use a cookie cutter to downsize large buns. Place the burger patty on a crisp bun.

Layer the burgers with the lettuce and plum tomatoes. Then place a swirl of mustard and ketchup on top of the vegetables and top off with the pickle slices. Serve immediately and enjoy these easy to cook and delicious mini burgers.

These mini turkey burgers are very elegant barbecue meals that combine unique flavors that please both adults and children. A major advantage of choosing dark meat turkey is that the burgers are extremely succulent and juicy. Apart from this turkey meat has much less fat when compared to beef burgers, making them a healthy option that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


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