English Bulldogs Puppies For Sale Southern California

Need English bulldogs puppies for sale in Southern California? Learn more about the availability of Southern California English Bulldog puppies for sale and how to choose the right one…

When choosing an English bulldog puppy for sale in Southern California it is essential to know about the breed characteristics in order to choose the right puppy for your family. The English bulldog is considered to be a breed that is par excellence and is very coveted amongst canine lovers.

Considered one of the ugliest dogs, it has a very wild and ferocious history because it was used for bull baiting and dog fighting. However, it is also known as an adorable and photogenic dog.

In fact, the British bulldog is one of the few dogs that is symbolic of a nation. It is known as an emblem for the British country and is a symbol used by organizations and individuals across the world. It is an amazing contradiction that the English bulldog puppy is popular yet ill known at the same time. This paradox generally arises due to the mystery of the origin of the bulldog. The origin and pedigree of the bulldog makes it even more mysterious to naturalists.

Origin Of The Name Of The Bulldog

The name for Bulldogs originated from the fact that they were utilized to control, guard and bait the bulls at the rodeo. This was considered a sport during the Middle Ages and was enjoyed by the royalty and noble men. In slaughtering a bull, it would first be baited so that the meat would be more nutritious and tender. In fact, the meat sold by a butcher without being baited would be penalized as it would be considered unhealthy for consumption.

Fighting Dog Ancestry

This trait is still prevalent in the characteristic and temperament of the bulldog. It has legendary courage, and the strong-willed dog does not complain or whine. The bulldog is not demanding and it barks only when there is a reason. The attentive owners are required to check and take care of the bulldog because it will never complain. Therefore, if you are considering adopting or purchasing a British bulldog in Southern California you must be aware of the basic needs of the dog.

Bulldogs and Children

The tenacity of the bulldog has now evolved into loving patience. It is a very placid and trustworthy dog today. It blends well with families and children, but it should never be left unsupervised with children because it might harm them in play.

The British bulldog never really grows up and actually behaves like a puppy all the time. Throughout their life they are persistent chewers. This becomes very pronounced as they grow older. They need to be directed properly towards chewing safe objects. Otherwise they can start off on your clothes, hands, wires and furniture. It is important to have obedience lessons to control the chewing behavior in your puppy.

Temperature Control for British Bulldogs

The British bulldog puppies are very sensitive to temperature and they get breathing problems if they are left in high heat. They have massive heads that may lead to more whelping difficulties. However, they are quite athletic. They have apparent clumsiness but are actually a very courageous and firm footed breed.

Protection through British Bulldog Puppies

It has a very deterring appearance but can sprint and enjoy family companionship in a very nice manner. They are very good at destabilizing any unsuspecting intruder into the house. They can use incredible impact when they jump up on an unsuspecting intruder.

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