Primos Old Glory Friction Turkey Call

Want to buy Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Call? Read ahead to find out the different varieties of Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Calls…

Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Calls are high quality products that always perform well. For this reason they have become favorites with different hunters who appreciate the effectiveness of their turkey calls.

The first part of a hunt in the field is the call that you make and it is very important to have a responsive and high-performance turkey call device. A badly made device will alert the turkeys to different noises and cause them to run away.

Conversely a high quality turkey call will actually mimic the calls of a gobbler and attract the birds towards you. From cutting sounds to yelps and clucks made by the turkey hen and gobbler, the Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Call delivers it all and delivers it well.

The Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Call

One of the most popular Friction Turkey Call by Primos is the Ol’ Glory Turkey. This device is made with a very good quality and responsive surface which is known as the Frictionite since it is very hard. This device is so versatile that you can make loud noises as well as the soft yelps thereby varying the pitch and building on the soft calls into more aggressive calls.

The kit includes a conditioning pad, hardwood striker, abrasive sand paper as well as a protective snap on lid. It’s interesting to note that this friction turkey call can reach noise sounds of up to 15,000Hz with minimum effort.

Another turkey call by Primos is the Super Slate which is the traditional call made in a slot style. It has a slate surface which is made of mahogany wood engraved with a laser.

The calls that you can produce from this device include close range and soft called along with the loud and aggressive finishing calls.

This is a customized product which is part of the heritage series and comes with a conditioning pad and a striker made out of hickory.

Quality Materials Used in Turkey Call Devices

The Primos Ol’ Glory turkey calls striker also comes in a different model which has a waterproof acrylic striker and 5 x 16″ Purple Heart Striker.

Why not try out the Primos power crystal turkey call? This great product has a heart crystal surface and comes in hundred percent waterproof material accompanied by a carbon striker which is tuned to 5/15 for ease of handling and good control.

Small hands will benefit with the Primos MiniMITE which creates purrs and soft clucks on its graphite base. The kit includes a carbon strike, a hickory striker of high quality along with the carbon strike and abrasive pad.

High Quality Box Calls By Primos

Apart from manufacturing the popular Primos Ol’ Glory Turkey Friction Turkey Call the company also makes the Primos Heart Breaker which is a beautiful box call made out of mahogany and has a laser engraved Purple Heart lid on top. It actually comes with the customized signature of Will Primos. This two-sided box call is custom-built and its beauty is reflected further in the accuracy of the sounds it makes.

A single-sided box call version by Primos is called the Lil’ Heart Breaker. It also is made from a single piece of mahogany wood with a laser engraved wooden lid, which has a purple heart on it. This device can let off high-frequency and high-pitched tones.

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