Raising Royal Palm Turkey

Do you want to raise Royal Palm turkeys? Read on to learn more about raising Royal Palm turkeys…

It is very interesting to have your own livestock if you have some land available. Raising Royal Palm turkeys is an interesting way to start off a love affair with amazing poultry. Furthermore, once you have had a mouthful of your homegrown Royal Palm turkeys you will never enjoy the commercial poultry available in the market in the same way again.

Raising Royal Palm Turkeys at Home

Not only is it fun and economical to raise Royal Palm turkeys at home, it is also an exciting and worthwhile journey. These turkeys are very friendly birds and you will be able to eat a wholesome and nutritious form of poultry.

If you want to grow a small flock of under 20 birds to be consumed by your self and your family then you can try raising the Traditional Bronze as well as the White Holland varieties of the Royal Palm turkeys.

You can combine this population with Bourbon Reds and Narragansetts if you have a larger farmland because these help control pests on the farmland. Most of these turkeys make good mothers and remain territorial as they populate your land. These beautiful birds are very large, impressive and fast on their feet and in-flight. They really bring a lot of entertaining fun to the home when they are raised properly.

Benefits Of Raising Royal Palm Turkeys

The best thing about raising your own Royal Palm turkeys is that you can control the number of artificial products that you feed them like tranquilizers and antibiotics.

Traditionally turkey farms are overpopulated and turkeys are raised in very crowded coops. Furthermore any slow-growing turkey is generally killed and then utilized for feeding the livestock. This is a very disturbing thought and has promoted the growth of home-grown organic plants and free range poultry by many people who own small areas of land along with their homes.

A good bird that has a large quantity of breast meat is the medium-sized Broad-Breasted Bronze. It has approximately 20% more breast meat compared to the wild turkey. This turkey reaches an approximate weight of 16 to 25 pounds in 24 weeks. This is the time required to raise high quality Royal Palm turkey. Most of the flavor of the turkey comes from the fat which it starts storing from the 22nd week of life.

Equipment Required For Raising Palm Turkeys

To start off your venture of raising Royal Palm turkeys get hold of day-old poults in the early spring. Before you bring them home make sure you have set up a brooding area which can be created out of a children’s pool. You must keep your birds warm and the round pool will help the birds spread out. Within the first week the temperature on the ground should be between 90 to 100°. After that, start raising the lamps at a height that allows you to reduce the floor temperature by approximately 5° on a weekly basis.

Equip the area with a feeder and water compartment. When the birds start perching on different locations they are ready to roost which happens at approximately eight weeks. They will go out into the pastures and start feeding in the wild and you may even notice that they don’t want to come back at night. They love to fly up high into the trees but if they are kept inside the pen you will have problems with manure.

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