Indian Feather Tattoos

Would you like to know about the different American Indian feather tattoos? Do you want to know more about the meaning associated with the Native Indian feather tattoo? Read on for facts & information…

Indian feather tattoos are among the most sought after designs today. You will normally see Indian feather tattoos integrated with other Native Indian designs or depicted in the form of wings. Indian feather tattoos have various connotations. Among those are freedom of spirit, ascension and truth. They may be represented in different ways and may then have a totally different significance.

Many people choose the simplest form of Indian feather tattoos where a large quill feather is spread along the back; this design can also be used up the side of the arm or leg. The colors of Indian feather tattoos also have their own significance. Certain Native Americans used heavy robes covered in feathers and the color of these robes symbolized various traits. For instance orange stood for energy, red for passion and courage, purple for power and yellow for eloquence and intellect.

The image of feathers is not only important in Native Indian culture but it also holds a place of significance in Christianity where three feathers attached at the base indicate the three virtues of hope, faith and charity combined together. You could also opt for the characteristic design of the Indian feather tattoos of specific birds. For instance the eye like design of a peacock feather was considered evil and auspicious depending on which tribe you were in.

One need not choose the magnificent but much more intricate peacock feather. A less significant but equally stunning Indian feather tattoo is that of a turkey tail feather. This can be made at the base of the neck extending down to create a wonderfully intricate look.

You can also couple the Indian feather tattoos with other designs to produce remarkable results. For instance; you could couple these designs with flowers or with a pearl necklace entwined around the feather to create a delicate feminine look. You might also combine Indian feather tattoos with tastefully written poems. You will often see Indian feather tattoos in other Native Indian designs like the dream catcher or in the shape of stars or heart or even as armbands. Certain specific Indian feather tattoo designs are created to express sentiments like freedom or pride in a particular heritage.

The Indian feather tattoo designs can be drawn alone or with other designs to create an eye-catching medley of shapes and colors which is sure to get many appreciative glances.


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