Rival Roaster Oven Turkey

Want to buy a Rival turkey roaster oven? Read on for facts and info on rival roaster ovens and how they provide the utmost convenience for roasting turkey…

Rival roasters have been specially developed for the purpose of making the whole process of roasting turkeys that much easier. With the Rival roaster oven you can actually roast a turkey on a tabletop and utilize the free space in your oven for different purposes.

These specially designed roasters are much more compact than a full-scale oven yet they deliver the same kind of performance. However, as opposed to traditional ovens, you will find these roasters to have a partially steaming effect on the turkey rather than fully roasting it. This process helps in retaining the juices which consequently prevents you from ending up with a totally dried out bird at the end of roasting it.

The standard Rival roaster has the capacity to fit up to a 22 pound bird, although you will be able to choose from a number of varieties. The high quality roaster has been constructed with a stainless steel body and is topped with a black plate. It also features a removable enamel steel roasting pan which provides the user with the utmost convenience. You will also find the Rival roaster oven to bge equipped with a removable steel rack and a lid rest.

How to Use a Rival Roaster Oven

You should start by pre-heating your Rival roaster at 375°F. Next you need to place the turkey inside the roasting pan making sure that the turkey weighs less than 22 pounds. This is the standard size which can fit into any variation of the roaster. Exercise caution when placing the lid back on the roaster making sure that it is tightly secured.
After that you need to cook the turkey inside the roaster undisturbed for about 13 minutes to each pound. This means that a 20 pound turkey has to be cooked for four hours and 20 minutes without any break in between.

As the cooking time nears the end you need to insert a cooking thermometer inside the Rival roaster to check the temperature. When the temperature at the innermost part of the turkey thigh reaches up to 160° F then you can remove the turkey from the roaster. If the temperature is any lower you should continue the cooking process and recheck it after about 20 minutes.

Once the turkey has reached the desired temperature take it out and leave it to rest on serving dish for about half an hour. It’s important to understand that the meat continues to cook even after it has been removed from the Rival roaster. Once the internal temperature is about 165°F consider the turkey cooked and ready to be served.
Place the turkey onto a serving dish to rest for 30 minutes. The meat will continue to cook after removal from the roaster. Serve after the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you wish to give your bird a crispy skin then you need to remove it 30 minutes prior to its actual roasting time and give it a butter coating. After that you will need to place it in a conventional oven at about 400°F until the desired temperature is achieved.

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