Things To Do Dalyan Turkey

Curious about Things To Do in Dalyan Turkey? Discover the many things to do in and around Dalyan Turkey…

Dalyan is located in the southwest region of Turkey and was developed as a fishing village. The beautiful slopes and mountain ranges surrounding the rich green fields of this town offer panoramic landscapes that are further enhanced with a warm and sunny climate.

When planning a visit to the beautiful country of Turkey you will likely be impressed by the great diversity of activities being offered.

Local Flavor of Dalyan Turkey

From the local Dalyan mud baths to the easily accessible beach and the weekly Saturday local market, you will experience the flavor of this country firsthand. The weekly market, which is organized in the main square of the city on Saturday, is the perfect location to look for good deals on souvenir and local items. Additional opportunities exist for  bargains on fresh produce, which you can enjoy during your stay.

The reason the mud baths in Dalyan, Turkey are extremely popular is that the banks of the river are populated with mineral rich mud. From calcium to magnesium this mud contains minerals that are very good for the skin and overall well-being. You can even enjoy a boat ride to reach the natural water springs which are very hot and help to soothe and relax tense muscles thereby improving emotional and physical health.

Historical Sites in Dalyan Turkey

Why not take a trip down to the riverfront restaurants and enjoy a leisurely meal while viewing the vistas of the rock tombs in Dalyan? If you are a history buff then you will really enjoy a visit to the ancient city of Caunos, which dates back to 3000 B.C. You can observe beautiful excavations that are being conducted up to today at this site, discovering artifacts from ancient times.

Moonlit Boat Ride and Marine Life Exploration

Take a memorable boat ride in the moonlight on the enchanting Koycegiz Lake or discover the dolphins and turtles that populate the Mediterranean Sea, along with the flying fish that live in these waters.

If you are a beach lover then you will enjoy lounging around on Iztuzu beach, which is just 5 km to the south of Dalyan and can be reached by a boat. Not only is Iztuzu beach a great location to swim and enjoy bathing in the sun, it offers unique insights into the marine life surrounding it.

You can actually observe members of a rare species of turtle as they lay their eggs in the sand. The awesome sight of a turtle crying as she lays eggs is miracle of creation that should not be missed.

You can tour the 12 Islands with the boat charter during the day. Enjoy white water rafting on the Dalaman River in Dalyan. You can either take a cruise on the regular tourist boats by buying a ticket or charter a boat of your own for large groups.

For people who love the water there are opportunities to go diving and deep-sea fishing or perhaps charter a traditional boat, which will be manned by a skillful crew, throughout the day. Whatever your preferences in adventure and entertainment, there are lots of amazing options and things to do in Dalyan Turkey.

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