Modern Turkish furniture

Interested in purchasing modern Turkish furniture for your home? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish furniture has become extremely popular all over the world. The Turkish brands have maintained their high standard by providing good quality furniture and in intricate and elegant designs. They have established their international customer base while adding a touch of their cultural identity.

What has mapped Turkish furniture on the world is the founding of The Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER) by the largest Turkish furniture brands. MOSDER aims to expand the industry even further and establish their global presence. It translates the demand from customers into the pieces that they desire. This effort has helped many small and big brands to bloom. Furthermore modern Turkish furniture has greatly benefitted from this initiative.

Design and Clientele

Turkish furniture appeals to the aesthetic sense of the international buyer as the designs are elegant, clean and sophisticated. Modern Turkish furniture is preferred by those who wish to have elegant spaces while having a unique Turkish piece that stands out due to its craftsmanship or design.

Overseas buyers prefer the high end Turkish brands which are renowned and have been operating in business for years. They have hassle free delivering processes and have great after sales customer services as well. The customers can explore about the company, their policies regarding shipping and return as well as see their latest collections on the company’s website.

You will also find websites such as which lists all the companies that export Turkish furniture. You can find a snapshot of the information of every company along with their contact details.  All these great options have made it extremely easy to purchase Turkish furniture. Here are two of the many famous Turkish brands.

Yonga Furniture

Yonga was founded in 1974 in turkey. Today it is among the leaders manufacturing high quality furniture. They have decorated many hotels in turkey including The Antalya Sheraton. Yonga is the biggest name in solid wooden Turkish furniture.

They have been exporting furniture since 2001 and have big names such as Marks and Spencer and Ercol among their clients. They work with veneer raw materials and natural solid. They have established their name for their fair pricing, elegant designs, quick sample production and effective planning system. They also maintain an efficient quality control system and deliver on time.


Casa is another Turkish brand which began operation in 1965 as an upholstery workshop. Today the brand has greatly expanded with the help of their dedicated team of over 200 employees, including architects, technicians and engineers. They guarantee high quality products by using good materials and careful craftsmanship.

Casa collections have a dynamic structure which reflect the modern element and are designed for people with a passion for the details of their space. You will find an extensive range of Sofa sets, arm chairs, dining room furniture, beds, coffee tables and TV units.

Today the immense varieties in designs, style and brands have made modern Turkish furniture to become a must-have for every home.

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