Things to Do in Alanya Turkey

Considering some things to do in Alanya Turkey? Discover some exciting things to do in Alanya Turkey by reading ahead…

The town of Alanya Turkey is located on the western side of the Cleopatra Beach at the beginning of the beautiful hills. A huge cave which lies in the Dim Valley has stunning stalactites and stalagmites inside and has approximately 90% humidity making it very moist.

This beautiful cave was discovered by engineers who were working on a project in the harbor in the year 1948. While it is much smaller than the massive Dim Cave it is still a sight to see as it is a prelude to the huge and fabulous Dim Cave further ahead.

Take advantage of the fact that you can simply visit the cave while you are spending the day at the beach and then head back once you’re done sightseeing to relax for the rest of the day. The temperature is quite comfortable and ranges from 22 to 23°C on average making it very pleasurable to visit.

A unique aspect of this location, which is open from 10 AM till the evening for visitors is that it is considered to have healing properties for people suffering from asthma and breathing problems. For this reason the cave is open slightly earlier for people suffering from disease and they can spend some time taking in the fresh air and moisture to help them heal.

The Magnificent Dim Cave and Dim Cay River

Further ahead you can find the large Dim Cave which is magnificent. It is a very short distance from Alyana and has actually been preserved by footbridges being built inside the cave to prevent it from collapsing and or being destroyed due to weathering.

The mountain range which runs more than 400 m long has the cave running through its length and reaches up to 400 m. It is approximately 230 m above sea level and ends in a beautiful lake.

Artificial lighting has been incorporated inside the cave to further enhance the stone sculptures carved inside the cave. It is a pleasant to chilly cave with high temperatures on the exterior making it very cold on the inside.

When thinking of things to do in Alyana Turkey, a visit to the Dim Cave should be supplemented with a trip down the river of Dim Cay for a memorable experience.

Heritage Tower – The Red Tower protecting the Shipyard

When Sultan Alauddin Keykubat finally conquered Alanya in the year 1226 his efforts of five years paid off. As a safeguard for the shipyard in the main city a tower was constructed as a vantage lookout point.

This tower is 33 m in height and is five stories high making it one of the most notable landmarks in Alanya. In fact it has been commemorated by a picture on the 250,000 Turkish lira note.  You can visit the red tower with your family and enjoy different things to do in Alyana Turkey while exploring the many exhibitions including carpets, weapons and tools hailing from different periods of Turkish history in this tower cum museum.

If you enjoy nature then spend the whole day in Manavgat to discover spectacular waterfalls and take a boat ride on the Emerald River while you feast on Turkish cuisine. You will enjoy the serenity and calm air during this trip which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Summers are the perfect time to enjoy the many restaurants on the riverside and experience fresh meals. You can swim in the river or take a nap after your lunch. You should try the fish in this region because most of the restaurants raise their own trout and incorporate it in their menus, creating delicious meals for locals and visitors alike.

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