Mahikari in South Africa

Interested in the Mahikari in South Africa? Learn more about the Japanese religious sect called the Mahikari in South Africa…

Mahikari in South Africa is known as a Japanese religious sect. It has deep-rooted anti-Semitism values and is considered a doomsday conspiracy group. It is increasingly supported by the spouse of the WA Premier. In recent times it has been under surveillance and scrutiny by South African authorities.

This is mainly because it is believed to have links with the terrorist group called Aum Supreme Truth. That was a Japanese-based cult who were involved in the deadly gas attack that was executed at a Tokyo subway a few years ago. The Australian Federal Police have started looking for the members of the sect Sukyo Mahikari. It is believed by many that the Sukyo Mahikari group established in different countries including South Africa is just a façade.

The Mahikari group in South Africa espouses the value of benign spiritual enlightenment, which was a doctrine said to be necessary to achieve global domination and veneration of the Japanese Emperor. For many reasons it is considered highly anti-Semitic one such cause being the basis of its teachings. It draws inspiration from a belief in the content found in fraudulent documents associated with the Learned Elders of Zion.

Sukyo Mahikari is translated from Japanese as the true light organization. It is considered extremely devout and has a religious charity status in South Africa and Australia. It is exempt from income tax in both countries and many members have left the Mahikari sect because of constant demand for donations. The funds are not really invested in the country where the sect is operating, but rather are sent back to Japan.

The religious teachings of the sect promote the importance of positive thinking and energy. The sect teaches principles of energy and positive thinking and the group of Mahikari based in South Africa especially uses the application of universal principles called Sukyo to release a special energy from the hand. This is believed by sect members to purify the mind, body and spirit. The aim is to change through True Light or Mahikari. It is said to work regardless of the background of the person or their spiritual persuasion.

Working as an international organization it claims that it aims to improve the quality of life for different people and creatures across the globe. This will result, the cult believes, in the creation of harmonious relations, good health, material gains and well-being.

One might wonder why this principle is becoming prominent at this point in time. Due to the different changes in the world today it seems more and more imperative to find some sort of common ground for all human beings.

The sect’s philosophy dictates that if everyone contributes to make a positive change in society then global harmony can be achieved on a holistic level. Harmonious family, nurturing and caring people as well as good education is what would result from positive thinking and an energized approach towards life.

Different books have been published promulgating the principles of Sukyo Mahikari and these are available in different countries including South Africa. They purport to be timely publications designed to help people cope with the changes around them and the turbulence evident in today’s world,.


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