French Door Dog Doors

French door dog doors are the perfect solution for pet owners as it allows their pets to easily access the outdoors without having someone to sit by the door to open every now and then. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Dogs are the most common pets in households and they are also the best friends of their masters. A patio dog door is a welcome solution for both the dog and its master, as it allows the pet to move independently between the outside and inside. Traditionally, pet doors or doggy doors were mounted into wooden doors, but they can also be attached to a sliding door or installed in a French patio door.

Benefits of a Dog Door

A dog door mounted on a French door that opens to a fenced lawn or patio is a very useful feature for house-trained dogs. Pet dogs can safely access the outside anytime without annoying the occupants in the home. Even though traditional doors lack this facility, several manufacturers offer custom pet doors that are designed to work in already-installed French doors. It is done by removing one or more of the glass panes and replacing them with a flap that is scarcely noticeable. The design is so subtle that it does not affect the aesthetics of the French door. It not only makes pets happy but also lets its master rest assured that the pet will not soil the home.

Mounting Dog Doors

The foremost step is to measure the pet, with regard to its shoulder height and chest width. This will help determine the size of the dog-door’s frame. The dimension including the frame must necessarily be around two inches higher and wider than the dog’s dimensions. French doors come with multi-paned grid work or as full-glass doors. As full-glass doors have a single sheet of glass instead of separate panes, the task of mounting a dog door is highly involved. But with multi-paned doors, it is much easier, and in fact, it is the most commonly used patio door for custom pet door installation. In this case, a pane of glass is removed to install the pet door. For larger dogs, more panes are removed and the opening can even be enlarged by cutting into the footer or the side.

Quality and security features

Reputable manufactures provide doggy door mounted French doors made of superior quality materials. The doors are ordered according to the size of the opening in order to fix an appropriately-sized flap. Security concerns are well-addressed, thanks to today’s high-tech designs. Automated security locks are installed in the pet door, which senses the sensor attached to the pet’s collar, and unlocks when the pet is at a set distance in the vicinity of the door.

French door dog doors are yet another addition to the utility features of traditional French doors, which are widely used as patio doors for rendering natural lighting and reflective tones to the interiors.

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