Turkey Deep Fryer

Want to buy a turkey deep fryer? Read on for interesting facts and info about turkey deep fryers and tips on how to shop for a good one…

A turkey deep fryer is a specially designed home appliance that is meant to facilitate the frying of a Turkey. The basic components of a conventional turkey deep fryer include a large stock pot, a basket, poultry holder, burner, lifter along with a built in thermometer.

Of course the list of components may vary with every manufacturer. You will also be able to find turkey deep fryers of varying capacities in terms of their size as well as functions. There are many different brands available out there hence you have plenty of choices at bay.

Turkey Deep Fryer Fast Facts

A turkey deep fryer is made from a propane tank. It may either have a basket or a poultry holder along with a large pot and grabbers. In general you will be able to find turkey fryers within the price range of $50-$80.

There are a number of things that you need to be aware of when looking to make use of a turkey fryer. One of the things that you have to avoid is frying indoors. Similarly you should never use a turkey fryer on a wooden deck.

Common sense also necessitates that children and pets be kept far away from the turkey fryer, as it is full of hot oil. The turkey fryer has its own burner which provides it with the needed heat. However, when placing the turkey inside the fryer it is very important that you turn the burner off. Similarly, you should turn the burner off when you want to take the turkey out of the pot.

It is also advised that you wear heat protected gloves when looking to make use of the turkey deep fryer. In order to ensure maximum security you should have a fire extinguisher within close range.  In order to protect your concrete from stains you can put some sand down which will effectively restrict any stains that may otherwise be formed.

You should never cover the fryer while the turkey is cooking inside. Whenever you start making use of a turkey fryer make sure that your propane tank is full. The thickest part of the turkey should be cooked for about an hour and a half at a temperature of 175 Fahrenheit.

Turkey Deep Fryer Buyers Guide

When looking to purchase a turkey deep fryer make sure the product you are going for has the complete range of parts. This is generally not a problem when you are going for branded products. Nonetheless, the list of essential components that every turkey deep fryer should have includes a frying rack and basket along with a couple of grabbers that will help you to grab the bird. The turkey fryer may or may not be sold with the burner and propane tank.

You can check for the various brands manufacturing turkey deep fryers over the Internet and conduct comparison shopping comparing their prices and features in order to find the best buy.


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