Stinson Beach California

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California has more than 100 beach cities. Stinson is one of these beach cities. It is incorporated in Marin County California lying on the West Coast. It’s just 35 minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge located on California’s Highway 1.

The most amazing attractions in this beach city are the Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, and Mount Tamalpais. The Long Beach has a few opportunities for surfing, but the weather is generally cold and there’s a lot of fog with chilly waters. It can make an excellent day trip area for those living in the Bay Area in San Francisco. Many people arrive in Northern California in private cars although there is a bus service linking the city to major groups. You can find wonderful trails for hiking in the different regions and the one that goes around the mountain ends up in the city also.

Beach Life on Stinson Beach in California

It’s a beautiful beach where you have stretches of good quality beachfront and a face towards the Pacific Ocean. The beach is interesting because it becomes crowded in good weather and it’s completely abandoned in cold weather. You can find people in mobile homes and RVs visiting the area. While dogs are not allowed on the main beach, there is a private section towards the north where you can let them run free. Therefore, it is possible to bring your dog. Most of them are seen running around on the beach in this part.

Since its foggy and cloudy, most people forget to use sunscreen but that is highly recommended as UV rays are not blocked. It’s possible to go swimming in the ocean and you can stay at the bed and breakfast hotels that dot the city. There are little shops and restaurants dotting the beach, and you can get to the place without special preparations as everything is available in the area.

It is a good idea to get to the beach early in the day because it does get very crowded. It is very breezy and cold at times, but pleasurable at the same time. The main attraction is the quaint location of this mountain side beach town which lets you look down all the way to the amazing coastline. Interestingly enough, you won’t require beach and swimming wear but rather a windbreaker and a scarf to protect you from the chilly cold.

Places to Visit in Stinson Beach California

On the official site for the beach you can easily search for recreation and accommodation. It highlights the points of interest at the beach that is thronged by people through May and October. There is a 51 acre park adjacent to the beach where you can have access to the grills and picnic tables. There is a snack bar which runs from April through September on the beach.

Some of the most amazing sights at the beach include Point Reyes Lighthouse and Point Reyes National Seashore. The lighthouse is approachable by a 308 step walkway. The amazing bird watching reserve is known as the Bolinas Lagoon Preserve, and is home to the amazing birds. You can watch them from a distance and federal law protects the birds.

If you like nature then you will enjoy the more than 500-year-old trees and redwoods that fill the Muir Woods with their beauty and fragrance. Along with this you have to head to Marin Headlands, which has amazing hiking trails. You can also utilize the equestrian and biking trails that are well marked for enthusiasts. Sick and injured animals are also recovered and nurtured at the Marine Mammal Center that is located here. With so many activities to indulge in it is no wonder that Stinson beach in Northern California is highly popular with families, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

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