Turkey Gold Chufa

Want to plant Turkey Gold Chufa? Get the best and advice on how to grow and harvest Turkey Gold Chufas…

Turkey Gold Chufa is a very good quality planting for wild turkeys. For the best quality chufas the NWTF has teamed up with BioLogic to help you on planting this crop successfully. The best method for planting Turkey Gold chufa is ensuring a firm seedbed. You will need approximately 40 pounds of seeds for each acre of land.

Using the culti-packer or disk to cover up, you will have to plant the seeds at a depth of 1 inch. Once the frost season is over and spring has arrived it is time to plant them because they require temperatures of 30 degrees plus in order to grow into mature plants.

How to Manage Turkey Gold Chufa

You can plant the Turkey Gold chufa every year. In order to prevent the soil from being infested with pests it is a good idea to rotate the crops within the plot of land. It is very important to control weeds by using selective herbicides.

Approximately 10 pounds is required for a quarter acre of land and you will require 50 pounds or more for an area that is larger than 1 acre. If the turkeys have not eaten up all the tubers then you can actually get the volunteer stand from the crop planted in the previous year.

By putting 300 pounds of good quality fertilizer on each acre of land you can completely disk and mix in the fertilizer into the land to distribute the chufa seeds properly. Before you start planting Turkey Gold chufa you must check the soil and populate it with the right quantity of fertilizer or lime, if required, for a healthy crop.

Benefits of Planting Turkey Gold Chufa

The main reason for using Turkey Gold chufa is to ensure that the turkeys remain on your property and don’t wander too far away in search of plants to feed on. Since it requires an average of hundred days to grow it is best to plant it early in the summer and let the turkeys enjoy it throughout the fall. Since it requires full sunlight to mature it is best to plant chufa in areas that are good for growing corn.

Do not over plant because Turkey Gold chufa does not tolerate  competition that well and the plant starts dying. While there is no sure fire trick to keep turkeys in a confined area, a consistent supply of good quality food will actually ensure that larger populations are concentrated in the area where the food is found.

Turkeys are known to forage into the wild to search for good quality food so it is best to provide them food where you need to concentrate their populations. This is essential for people who run hunting camps on private grounds.

The Turkey Gold chufa actually has a very delicious tuber at its base which turkeys avidly seek out. This grows underground and the turkeys start scratching the chufa and eat the plant from top to bottom.

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