Algerian Celebrities

Interested in Algerian celebrities? Read our guide and you might be surprised at who is included…

There are many noteworthy and talented people in Algeria, although most have not achieved recognition in the U.S. Algerian singers and composers, playwrights, models and actors have become famous in much of Western Europe and parts of Asia. Most Algerian music is in Arabic or French, languages that are not widely spoken in the Americas, which may explain why Algerian singers have yet to make a mark in this market.

Cheb Mami

One of the best known Algerian celebrities in the music world is Cheb Mami who collaborated with Sting in the song “Desert Rose”. He has an extensive vocal range and first became known in Algeria when he sang in a competition organized by an Algerian radio and television company in 1982. Mami is a singer of Rai music which, although it is controversial in Algeria, has achieved a following in both Spain and France. He has recorded over 10 albums which were released in North Africa and Europe.

Abdelkader Alloula

Born in Algeria, Abdelkader Alloula studied drama in France and joined the Algerian National Theater in 1963 when it was established following Algeria’s independence. His works are primarily written in Algerian Arabic and some of them created controversy in certain religious groups. Alloula was assassinated in 1994 by members of the Islamic Front for Armed Jihad. His works include “Hammam Rabbi’ (God’s Bath), “El-Litham” (The Veil) and “El-Khobza” (bread).

Myriam Benzerga

Runway model Myriam Bezerga is well known in the Arab world and she has modeled fashions for North African designers in many Arab countries. She is under contract with the Ford Palace Agency and is much in demand for both runway and photo modeling. Most of the clothing she models has a lot of Western influence but still shows the influence of North African traditional clothing. Although modesty  is prized among muslim women, she has not engendered any controversy in Algeria.

St. Augustine

Although modern Algeria is primarily muslim, North Africa is also the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity. St. Augustine was born in Hippo, which is now part of Algeria, on the 13th of November, 354 A.D. He is considered one of the fathers of the early Christian Church and is noted for the extensiveness of his writings, most of which have been preserved. He is the patron saint of brewers because in his early life he participated in various forms of vice which he later renounced when he converted to Christianity.

There are many celebrities, both ancient and modern, that were born and made their homes in Algeria. There are others born of Algerian parents that immigrated to other nations. Algeria is home to a world class football (soccer) team and many of the players are well known in North Africa and Western Europe. It has a thriving film and television industry and a rich and varied music and recording industry.

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