Turkey Hunting Colorado

Want to know about Turkey Hunting Colorado? Find out how you can enjoy turkey hunting in Colorado…

Normally the fall turkey hunting season in Colorado runs from the first of September through the fifth of October. Hunters with limited and unlimited licenses both can hunt during this period. The Wildlife State Department in Colorado actually has made the entire regulations brochure available on its website along with supplying it to the most popular sporting good stores across the state.

This ensures that all the hunters for the year have the correct information required to make their turkey hunting in Colorado a successful experience. In the past few years Colorado has seen good size flocks of huntable turkey because although the winters have been very severe and affected the overall population there has not been any sign of large-scale mortality in the Colorado turkey population.

Turkey Hunting Colorado – Population Predictions

The Northeast has the best weather conditions due to the rain it generally receives during the breeding season in spring. The habitat for the brood is in excellent condition which means a large number of turkey poult survives in this area.

Hunters who have the limited fall license to hunt in the South Platte River can be sure of good numbers of turkey to hunt in this area. As far as the Southern Front Range is concerned the population of Turkey which can be hunted here is lower in recent years than the historical high levels experienced by this area.

However, there still is an adequate stock of huntable turkey. The extreme southeast of Colorado also has good weather and precipitation occurs generally during the nesting period which accounts for a larger population of huntable turkey.

The Southwest is also generally blessed with good populations of Turkey due to pleasant weather conditions which assist in spring breeding and ensure the survival of turkey poults even in a dry summer. The Northwest of Colorado generally has a good population of turkey as it experiences great weather which increases their rate of production as well as aiding their survival.

Licenses for Hunting in Colorado

There is a clear distinction in the state of Colorado between the areas demarcated for over-the-counter licenses and limited turkey hunting areas. The Wildlife Department for Colorado issues these to warn and inform hunters who plan to hunt in the state of Colorado. You can purchase over-the-counter turkey licenses and leftover hunting licenses on the Internet from the Wildlife Department.

The Rio Grande Turkey on the South Platte River

Perhaps the most exciting hunt in the whole of Colorado can be experienced in the South Platte River. You can enjoy online videos issued by the Colorado Wildlife Division on your computer under the category of a.m. Colorado.

Tips on Hunting in Colorado

The best time to hunt is at the end of the season when the hens are in their nests in order to avoid tracking and spending time on a henned in gobbler. The Merriam’s turkeys are generally rovers and you can find them if you move around and scout an area carefully. You can use startling shock calls of owls and coyote to entice the gobblers to respond from their roosts after it is dark. A wild turkey moves around a lot and leaves many signs which you should be able to recognize like feathers, scratchings and droppings. It is a good idea to follow fresh signs to track down a gobbler which may be close at hand.

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