Italian Greyhound Jewelry

Do you love your dog? Remember him or her wherever you go with Italian Greyhound jewelry. Read our guide below to find out more about the different styles of jewelry you can have depicting your Italian Greyhound…

Italian Greyhounds are a very old breed. Mummified remains of Italian Greyhounds have been found in Egypt, pictures of them have been found in Pompeii, and ancient historians told stories of how Emperor Nero kept Italian Greyhounds in Rome.  They get their name “Italian” not because they were first seen or bred in Italy, but because they are very popular in that country. It is not certain where the breed originated, but many experts believe that they first appeared in Turkey or Greece some four thousand years ago.

Beginning with Emperor Nero of Rome, it seems that Italian Greyhounds have always appealed to the royal class. This is probably due to their sleek appearance and lithe body type.  Queens especially have kept them, including Queen Mary Stuart, Queens Anne and Victoria, Queen Maud of Norwegia, and Catherine the Great. Frederick the Great is one male ruler that also showed a strong appreciation for the animal.

They were often used as pets and companion dogs, but also as hunters. People would often keep them to chase and catch rodents, much like they would with cats.

Besides being loved by royalty and landowners alike, the artistic class have also always had a fondness for them. Giotto, Pisanello, and Velázquez all featured Italian Greyhounds in their painting work. Now, modern artists are continuing that legacy by producing Italian Greyhound jewelry.

Greyhound Jewelry Necklaces

Artists are creating jewelry depicting Italian Greyhounds for any type of jewelry imaginable; from bracelet charms to rings to necklace pendants to pins, ankle bracelets, earrings, key chains, money and tie clips, and cufflinks. These depictions come in many different materials, ranging from gold, silver, and platinum, and in many different poses. Popular depictions feature just the dog’s head either looking straight ahead or to the side, or the whole dog sitting, standing, lying, running, or even jumping. Some also include shapes around the dog, like a heart or hoop, or have wings attached to the dog to show that they’re your little angel. You can even find charm bracelets of just Italian Greyhounds that depict them in more than one position or head / body style. If you’d like a pin, companies will often engrave your dog’s name underneath the picture so that that you can have a personalized piece of memorabilia for your dog. You can even find necklace pendants shaped like Italian Greyhounds that open up to reveal a picture of your pet. With so many options to choose from, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a piece of Italian Greyhound jewelry that’s just right for you.

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