South African Assault Vest

Looking for the South African assault vest? Learn more about the different SDAF and black South African assault vests…

The South African black assault vest has adjustable straps that are adjustable for different sizes and have extra padding for comfort. The straps are quick release and there are four pouches on the vest along with a large compartment at the rear. Different sized utility pouches are also available and one size fits all. Another popular South African assault vest is the British DPM. It is also equipped with quick release straps that have adjustable strips along with padding on top. Equipped with four magazine pouches there is also a large compartment in the rear of the vest and the size is universal.

The popular South African SADF Assault Vest series M83 is available as a genuine kit. It has been field tested in the heat of South Africa’s Bushland. Finished off with black Velcro, the vest is completely serviceable for outdoor use. The backing of black mesh covers the water resistant, mud brown cordura. The vest is rugged and exceptionally lightweight while being very durable. The sides and top are completely adjustable and it weighs a little over 3 pounds and is still considered heavy duty due to its construction. There are different pockets, which include one utility or ammunition pouch, six double ammunition pouches, two large pouches for water bottles of 2 L each, 2 back utility pouches on the rear and a total of 16 attachment accessory straps.

It is possible to find these vests online and they may be slightly stained, marked with personal initials or stitched in places where there are tears. Other than that, the new South African assault vest are also available in mint condition, but fairly expensive. Another wonderful South African assault vest is the Flecktarn, which is crafted out of German flectarn and has quick release adjustable straps. There are four magazine pouches, different sizes of utility pouches and one large pouch in the rear. Other than this, the US camouflaged South African assault vest comes with the same configuration and has a different camouflage pattern known as the US Woodland Camo to identify it.

Modifying the Jacket

To change the straps and fasten them on the front of the basic assault vest a few pieces of equipment are required for the simple version. You will need a few feet of Paracord, a cigarette lighter, a pair of scissors and two buckles in the Fastex style.

Using 12 inches of the paracord use the lighter to seal its ends with the flame. Knot one end of the thread and run it through the male half of the buckle and bring it out into the existing tie down strap.

Now start from the back and use the paracord to back thread it through the same fastex buckle and follow it through the female half of the buckle and take it back through the existing buckle. Repeat this procedure approximately 7 times. Now knot the string once again, cut off any remaining string and seal the end with the flame again. Repeat for all the other straps and complete the procedure with a fine finishing and durable modified straps.

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