Turkey Tic-Tac-Toe

Making a turkey tic-tac-toe game? Learn how to make a family game of turkey tic-tac-toe for indoor and outdoors use…

Turkey tic-tac-toe is a game which is enjoyed by families during Thanksgiving. From the young to the old each player enjoys the game immensely. In order to make your creative turkey tic-tac-toe game you will need a light yellow colored poster board to follow the Thanksgiving theme. Instead of the naughts and crosses used in the regular tic-tac-toe game you will be using turkey icons to make it more fun and thematic.

Creating a Miniature Turkey Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

Start by cutting the poster board to the desired size. Using black marker draw 2 vertical lines down the poster paper to divide the page into three equal columns. Next draw two horizontal lines to divide the paper into three equal horizontal rows. This will give you nine checkerboard squares of equal space. Create nine Velcro squares of 1 1/2 inch each – you will need both sides. Peel off the plastic from one end of the Velcro tape and stick one square at each one of the nine squares made on the paper.

In order to create the turkey images you can select the picture of a living turkey from the Internet and a roasted turkey as well. Simply print out five copies of each and cut them out into squares. Have these pictures laminated and then attach one end of the Velcro tape to them.

The game is played by two players. One is the owner of the five living turkey pieces and the other is the owner of the cooked turkey roast pieces. You can start playing the game by allowing each player to take turns to fill in the squares with their pieces. The first one to have a horizontal row or a vertical column filled with their particular pieces is the winner. A good way to run the game is to have best of five matches between two players from opposing teams.

Turkey Tic-tac-toe Backyard Big Game

On a large drop cloth measure and mark out nine equal squares with a yardstick and pencil. Draw the lines to create nine equal 11 inch squares. Stitch the edges and use felt to create the 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines required to establish the nine squares. This is the game grid.

Next using different colors of the Thanksgiving theme, paint out the nine squares with a foam brush on the drop cloth. Let the paint dry and apply more coats of paint to get a thick layer which makes the drop cloth a little hard.

You will need turkey decoys of two different kinds and will require five pieces of each design. Each player gets to identify with one type of turkey decoy and use it in place of the naughts and crosses which are generally used in the game of tic-tac-toe.

The rules are similar to that of basic tic-tac-toe where each player takes a turn with their pieces and tries to create a complete row or column filled with their pieces to win. You can have best of five matches to tally a score and select a winner who wins the most out of the five games.

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