Turkish Apple Tea

Want to make your own Turkish apple tea? Looking for the recipe for Turkish apple tea? Perhaps you want organic green sour Turkish apple tea? Whatever it is, our brief guide to Turkish apple tea gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Tea and coffee are found in almost all homes around the world. This from of liquid has gained world wide recognition and has become part of the breakfast and evening tea time tradition. Tea is also part of the lives of the Turkish people but the difference is the kind of tea they drink. In Turkey you will find that very few people actually go for the traditional tea and coffee that we find the rest of the world indulging in. Rather Turkey has a unique blend of its own known as apple tea. This fruity flavored delight is much more popular in the Turkish culture than traditional tea and coffee. In fact it is regarded as the national soft drink of Turkey.

Turkish Apple Tea

This commonly used brewed tea has all its components growing in Turkey. The Black Sea coast is where you will find tea plantations in great quantity. Turkish apple tea seems to be the most obvious choice for the Turkish public along with strong black tea. You will find these kinds of tea to be easily available on thee streets of Turkey at any time of the day or night. There are plenty of tea houses and street vendors selling first class apple tea to the passersby. Due to the immense popularity of this form of tea Turkey has also developed the culture of tea gardens which are found in great numbers all along the country. Moreover there is no retailer who will not have stockpiles of green tea as there is a constant demand for this product.

Another name for the Turkish apple tea is the Elma Cay and it happens to be one of turkey’s most treasured brews. With the improvements in means of mass communication the world has been exposed to this delicious beverage. As a result the world wide demand for Turkish apple tea is constantly increasing at great speed. In the freezing cold winters the tea serves as a great way to warm your selves up. In the blazing heat of the summers you can count on the iced version of the Turkish apple tea to be a delicious thirst quencher.

Turkish Apple Tea Recipe

There is no rocket science involved in the making of this tea rather it is just a process of adding apple flavoring and spices to top quality black tea. The apple essence is not the only added flavoring in Turkey’s favorite drink, rather some people make the additions of blackberry leaves, hibiscus, pineapple and lemon which produces a unique fruit flavored fun drink. The versatility of this drink gives it even more season as it can be served both hot and cold depending on the weather.  You will find that most houses have a teapot on the stove all through out the day. The way this tea is made is that it is brewed in a small pot which is placed over a larger pot that contains boiling water. To have a drink all you have to do is take the concentrated brew and add some hot water to dilute it plus the sugar cubes according to your desired sweetness. And there you have it, the National drink of Turkey.

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